Most Romantic Vacation Destinations

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While everyone has their point of view about what makes a vacation truly romantic, there are some key criteria to consider when thinking about a place to visit for a romantic vacation: A laid back atmosphere that offers lovebirds time to relax and appreciate one another, opportunities for being alone just the two of you, contact with beauty (whether nature, art or culture) and great food (aphrodisiacs apart).

So where are the best places to go to kindle the embers of romance? Here are just a few recommendations:


High on the list is Italy – virtually anywhere you choose in Italy is oozing with romance, intimacy and passion.

Rome, is full of cultural stimulation, art and fine dining, while Venice has the advantage of its magical canal network where gondoliers serenade lovers in the moonlight.

Tuscany is another idyllic getaway for those who want to get closer to nature and seduce their lover over a bottle of fine wine bought from one of the famed vineyards.

Florence and Pisa attract the art and architecture lovers while theater buffs search Verona for Romeo and Juliet, or go to see an opera at its open air amphitheater.

Top all of these destinations off with a pistachio gelato and its no wonder why Italy gets a romantic big thumbs up.


While French is often considered the language of love and poetry, it is not surprising that France rates amongst the top destinations in the romance stakes. Like Italy, there are a number of locations that get the love juices flowing.

Paris in spring is perhaps the most notable as lovebirds explore its intimate cafes and gourmet restaurants, take a stroll along the River Seine or pose with a kiss under the Eiffel Tower.

Renting a luxury chateaux in the Loire Valley comes recommended to enchant the one that you love. Populated with award winning vineyards, cherry orchards and artichoke fields, the landscape is like stepping into postcard.

For lovers looking to schmooze with the rich and the beautiful, Saint Tropez in the French Riviera is a sophisticated jaunt and one whose beaches offer “clothing optional” beaches in addition to ultra-elegant restaurants and art galleries.

Wherever you go in France, with a glass of wine in hand and a bowl of garlic mussels awaiting, you are sure to win the heart of your beloved.


The eternal summer that characterizes Mexico’s top beach resorts makes it a perfect destination for honeymooners and romantics. While historically Acapulco has attracted visitors from around the world, there are other romantic hot spots that are even more idyllic and paradisiacal.

Cancun‘s with its powder white sands, is the gem of the Caribbean, located in the Yucatan Peninsula and a favorite for honeymooners and couples. The tropical destination is steeped in ancient Mayan history and a breathtaking romantic getaway.

On the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta revels in its romantic anecdotes of the Hollywood jet setters of the 1960s, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who lived in this enchanting destination with its cobblestone streets and whitewashed facades. The unparalleled golden sandy beaches, perfect for a honeymoon or romantic vacation, shine against a backdrop of palm covered mountains.

Cabo San Lucas on the Baja California peninsula, is a spectacular haven for lovers and romantics. The long stretches of sandy beaches and a host of five star hotels and resorts and spas, it is no wonder that Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most desired hot spots.


The various islands and archipelagos of the Indian Ocean are synonymous with paradise and are exotic honeymoon favorites. To name but three, the famed azure waters of the Seychelles Archipelago, Madagascar and Mauritius entice lovers and honeymooners, mesmerizing them into blissful tranquility.

The Seychelles archipelago off the coast of Tanzania is a lush tropical haven with a number of unique islands and breathtaking vistas. The giant granite boulders that emerge from the ocean make for a matchless backdrop to wedding photos or honeymoon snaps.

The world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar offers lovebirds the chance to see weird and wonderful animals not found anywhere else and breathtakingly diverse landscape: mountains, rain forests, river valleys, rolling plains and grasslands to name but a few of the island’s geographical wonders. Often described as a micro-continent, Madagascar offers romantic yet unique experiences.

Mauritius‘ turquoise lagoons and white sandy beaches allure lovers year after year. Its tropical climate and warm waters make it a paradise for snorkelers and divers any time of the year.


Author: Kristen Holmes