10 Advantages of Owning a Timeshare

Villa del Palmar Loreto Time Share Unit

We all want to know that we are getting a good deal and with timeshare the benefits are countless. Below is a list of the top 10 advantages of joining the millions of timeshare owners worldwide.

1. ​Top destinations

Reputable timeshare companies choose only the top destinations for their complexes, so the likelihood is that you will be investing in a prime location property.

2. ​An economical way to own a dream property

Timeshares offer the opportunity to buy into a property that you would otherwise not be able to afford, meaning you can stay in some of the most luxurious places around the world at a fraction of the cost.

3. ​Motivation to take a vacation

After buying a timeshare, you will want to make the most of your investment, and studies show that having a timeshare encourages owners to take regular vacations.

4. ​Stress free decisions

Planning a vacation can often be a frustrating task. Owning a timeshare makes the decision process so much easier; just book the flights and you are on your way.

5. ​Home from home

Returning to a resort regularly has many benefits. You know your favorite places to eat and visit and you know how to find your way around, making it even easier to relax by enjoying the familiarity.

6. ​Spaciousness

As opposed to the dimensions of many hotel rooms, timeshare properties are more like condos or studios with kitchen facilities and living rooms, in addition to the resort facilities.

7. ​No maintenance worries

With a timeshare property you do not have to take responsibility for organizing the maintenance of your unit, as you would in the case of full ownership. You just pay a yearly fee and the maintenance and improvements are taken care of by a third party.

8. ​Upgrade as your finances grow

The nature of timeshare is that there are always opportunities within reputable companies for you to exchange and upgrade your property as and when your needs or economic situation change.

9. ​Buy your future vacations at today’s prices

When you purchase a timeshare, you are securing your future vacations at today’s rates, meaning that your timeshare will eventually pay for itself.

10. ​Secure investments

When buying from well-established timeshare companies you can be sure your investment is safe; the timeshare industry is not going anywhere, particularly in popular destinations.


Author: Kristen Holmes