5 Monetary Incentives to Buying a Timeshare

Most finance experts as well as reputable timeshare developers would tell you that buying a timeshare is not going to make you great quantities of money in the future. In fact, when you purchase a timeshare you are investing in experiences rather than profitable real estate. However, there are some economic advantages to buying a timeshare that are often overlooked.

1. Frezze Price of Future Vacations

The most obvious monetary incentive to buying a timeshare is that you pay for it at today’s prices, knowing that in the future the cost of accommodations will rise and yet you have secured your vacation property paying what it is worth currently. In this way, you save money by not having to spend out for accommodations in the future.

2. Pay For What You Use

Rather than full vacation ownership, you are paying for what you use and do not have to leave your property empty while you are not there. You also divide maintenance costs with other owners and do not have to buy furniture and other decorative details.

3. Less Affected by Inflation

As you have already paid for your timeshare at yesterday’s prices, you will be less affected by inflation and will not have to pay higher rental costs at the whim of market forces.

4. Save Money on Eating Out

On a more practical note, timeshare properties generally have full kitchens, a dining area and laundry room. This means that you can save money by preparing meals at home and washing your own clothes rather than taking them to a launderette. You reduce your spending.

5. Sleeps More People

Generally speaking your timeshare unit will be much bigger than a standard hotel room. Therefore, you will be able to fit more of your family in one condo, reducing the costs of renting separate hotel rooms.


Author: Kristen Holmes