Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

Satulita Beach

Puerto Vallarta is one of those vacation destinations where the public beaches easily rival the private beaches of the hotel zone. This means that if you choose to stay on the resorts’ beaches for your whole vacation then you could really miss out! We have a list, however, that could help you to pick the very best public beaches in Puerto Vallarta for you to visit. Whether you want a vibrant and lively beach, a surfer friendly cove, or a family friendly stretch of sand we have all the information you could need right here!

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta for Group Vacations

Los Muertos beach

Located in Old Town, Los Muertos beach is one of the most lively and vibrant beaches in Puerto Vallarta which is usually buzzing with party goers, vendors, music, and highly colorful beach-wear. It is long, but relatively slim with calm, gentle waves that are perfect for swimming. Groups of friends will find that there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and beach clubs that make perfect gathering places. At the very end of the beach you will see the new pier; from there you can take boat trips to more secluded beaches down the coast.

Los Muertos Beach - Puerto Vallarta

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta for Families

Camarones Beach

Camarones beach is situated directly north of the center of Puerto Vallarta, next to the Malecon boardwalk. This long stretch of sandy beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta because it is certified and has lifeguards posted on the beach during the busy tourist seasons. The vendors on the beach offer the chance to rent or buy umbrellas, as well as shrimp, fruit, and other delicious snacks! The beach is often frequented by locals as it is overlooked by luxury condos. The waters are clean and safe for swimming, but the drop off is steep and the current is strong so you should only swim if you are strong and confident in water.

El Salado Beach (Marina Beach)

A visit to Puerto Vallarta’s Marina should be high on any tourists to do list, and the beach which is adjacent to it shouldn’t be ignored. The beachfront seems to be dominated by hotels and resorts, but there is actually a public entrance. Local buses will take you to El Saldo beach, or, of course, you can get a taxi there. A day trip to this beach will make a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta’s hotel zone.

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta for Water Sports

Sayulita Beach

Not strictly speaking in Puerto Vallarta, but close enough for a day trip, this thoroughly boho-chic town is a mecca for world class surfers from across the globe. Sayulita is not just a town, but a way of life; a hippy centric town that is buzzing with life and love. There are surf stores, restaurants, designer beachwear stores and bars to enjoy on this lovely, wide beach. The waves are perfect for surfing, but strong swimmers shouldn’t have too much of an issue, either. The beach is also big enough to ensure that surfers and swimmers would get under each other’s proverbial feet. Sayulita is not a quiet, idyllic beach designed for relaxation, but you will have a blast here.

Satulita Beach

Destiladeras Beach

This expansive beach is one of the less developed and monopolized nearby beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Although the beach is pristine with safe swimming waters which are great for boogie boarding and surfing alike, its distance from Puerto Vallarta town centre means that it is often under appreciated. There are, however, a couple of restaurants with bars so you can make a day of your visit to Destiladeras beach.

Of course, these are only some of the many wonderful public beaches in Puerto Vallarta; no matter what your needs and wants are in regards to a beach day, you’ll be able to find a beach to suit you! In addition to the beaches mentioned here there are many smaller and more secluded coves and beaches to explore, though you may need to travel a fair distance on the bus southward to reach them. The main thing is that you enjoy your vacation in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the beaches on offer.

Author: Kristen Holmes