Parks and Days Out in Cabo San Lucas

Get close to nature exploring the parks in Cabo San Lucas and admiring the different life forms of life that you can see within and around it. a Day out in Cabo San Lucas at one of the areas parks is also perfect for some family bonding and fun. Let’s take a quick look at which picturesque parks might capture your heart and imagination on your next vacation to Cabo San Lucas.


Location: Avenida Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas, 23410, Mexico, MX

You will see families having their picnics under the shades of huge trees when you visit Town Square Park, located on the northern side of the downtown district of Cabo San Lucas. It is just a small park, but you will appreciate the large trees that surround it, giving you the needed shade during Cabo’s sunny days. This park oftentimes serves as a stopping point where many visitors can relax in between travels going to different attractions in Cabo San Lucas. Open daily 24 hours with free admission.


Location: Paseo San Jose, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo, San Lucas, 23400, Mexico, MX

Bird watchers will be thrilled when they visit San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary near Cabo San Lucas. It is a home for a large number of bird species like pelicans, herons, eagles and other exotic animals. Why not plan a photoshoot with these birds? The park provides a perfect scenic view to capture these birds in all their glory. Children and birdies will surely be left in awe by the birds’ unique characteristics as they make different sounds and show different wing flight techniques. Water activities are also available at this park, which rents equipment like kayaks and paddleboards, and has plenty of space for family playtime and fun. Open from early morning until nightfall, with free entrance.


Location: Puerto Los Cabos, Los Cabos

This park is a dream for plant lovers as millions of species of plants are housed in the Wirikuta Botanical Park. The cactus has its supreme status here as many different forms are cultivated and cared for in this park. Another great feature in this park are the three pyramids built from granite boulders. It is a great place for learning too, as this park pays tribute to the many indigenous cultures of Mexico. 1,500 varieties of desert plants and around 1,000 bonsai bougainvilleas is worth seeing. Open from 9am to 6 pm.


Location: Highway 1, Melia Cabo Real, Cabo San Lucas, 23410, Mexico, Mx

If you want to have an adventure, Desert Park Natural Reserve is a challenging place to have it. You can take a walk on its rugged roads like a desert warrior or go on a touring ride in a 4WD vehicle. Explore its mountains and enjoy a breathtaking view of the vast sea. Wherever you go in this park is a challenge as you set foot on its rough terrain usually covered with desert sand and rocks. Open from 9am to 5pm, free entrance with tour rentals.


Location: Highway 1, National Park, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, 23400, Mexico MX

This place is surrounded by a rough and enigmatic desert and breathtaking mountain ranges. It is also such an exhilarating experience to see many local people commercially fishing within the area. Appreciate the wealth of marine life by snorkeling or diving in the clear waters of Cabo Pulmo National Park. It is located Within San Jose Area and a stone throw away from central Cabo San Lucas. Open 24 hours a day, with free admission, although tours or guides are recommended.

Author: Kristen Holmes