Villa Preferred Access by The Villa Group

villa preferred access

The buzzword when it comes to The Villa Group’s preferred access scheme for timeshare owners is MORE. More enjoyment, more flexibility, more options, more luxury. But what exactly is Villa Preferred Access ?

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The Villa Group’s Preferred Access program is the newest addition to the inventory of ever expanding options offered by this long standing timeshare company whose excellent reputation precedes it. For Villa Preferred Access, your timeshare week has a determined point value, which in turn means you can spend those points as and how you wish; that is, your timeshare week is valued on certain criteria such as the season and the kind of unit it is. Once you have exchanged your timeshare for points, you can swap it easily for other destinations.

The benefits Villa Preferred Access gives you is that you can be more flexible about how you spend your vacation time. Perhaps you bought your timeshare when the children were young, when returning to the same place was ideal and stress free, but now the kids have flown you want to go to different places, and perhaps for shorter periods, like a long weekend. The Villa Group Preferred Access means that you can arrange vacations in any of The Villa Group’s ever expanding catalog of elegant resorts.

At the same times, Villa Preferred Access members can also take part in an external exchange scheme through affiliated companies, which even include cruises vacations. All you have to do is deposit your points with Interval International and you will gain access to a whole host of other potential exchange timeshare products throughout the world. Membership will also bring you a range of other benefits and discounts.


Author: Kristen Holmes