Universal Vacation Club

Universal Vacation Club

Are you a fairly new timeshare member with the Villa Group Timeshare properties and you would like to know more information about the Universal Vacation Club and all of the benefits? The Universal Vacation Club or UVCI is a vacation ownership management company for all of the Villa Group Resort properties. The UVCI will assist you when you are wanting to book your vacation time, and help to schedule all of your travel arrangements. That way when you arrive for your vacation, it will be the dream getaway that you and your family has been needing, wanting, and so deserve.

Top Resort Destinations in Mexico

The Villa Group Resort has award-winning luxury properties in some of the top resort destinations in Mexico. Some of the resort properties are located in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, the Islands of Loreto, Cancun, and Riviera Nayarit. All timeshare members with the universal vacation club will have access to these top resort destinations in Mexico.

Universal Vacation Club Affiliates

There are a variety of vacation clubs that are affiliated with the Villa Group Resorts. Each of the resort properties have different ownership levels. At each of the resorts, there will be different types of timeshare memberships sold. Would you like to know what Universal Vacation Club membership would be perfect for you and your family? All of the Vacation Clubs have a large variety of Membership Services, benefits, and programs within the clubs. If you are a member of all the clubs, then you will have personal benefits at each of the resorts that go along with their membership type and contract.

Villa Preferred Access Upgrade

If you would like to have added flexibility, then you should consider upgrading to the Villa Preferred Access. The Villa Preferred Access will help in deciding how you want to use and spend your vacation time. If you purchase more points, then you have more flexibility and opportunities to gain access to the top services of all of Villa Group’s resorts. You will never lose any points if you can’t use them in a year. The Villa Preferred Access will bank all of the points you have saved so you can use them later. Your points should never be discarded or wasted. You deserve to use your points.

Want to Learn More?

Would you like to learn more information about the exchange options for each of the resort properties? If you would, then you should contact Member Services or access your Member Benefits Chart, Rules and Regulations. This will keep you current and up to date on the promotions that the Villa Group Resorts have available for you. You can get more out of your vacation time with the special deals and promotions that are waiting for you.

You should now give UVCI a call today, and begin scheduling your next vacation at one of the Villa Group resorts in Mexico.

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