Sell My Timeshare Advice

The most important thing to consider when selling your timeshare is the reason why you want to sell. Once you have established your rationale for why you want sell your timeshare, you may find that there are solutions other than selling. Below are some common motives with their alternative solutions:

My circumstance have changed and I cannot afford to go on vacation every year.

Some people are unable to take full advantage of their timeshare investment for a spell of time. It is important to consider that your circumstances are likely to change for the better in the future and you may regret selling your timeshare when money is not so tight. Remember that the longer you have your timeshare the better return you are getting on your initial investment.

The solution would be to rent or lend your timeshare to friends and family. You could do so asking them to cover the basic maintenance fees only. That way you do not lose your investment at no cost to you. If you wanted to make some money, you could try renting your timeshare week(s) through an agency. The other option, would be to bank your week every other year and take a longer vacation biannually.

I want to go to different places.

Many timeshare owners who bought many years ago remain under the impression that they have to return to the same resort every year and therefore come to the conclusion that they should sell their timeshare. While that used to be true, nowadays there are many options which enable you to exchange your week for different destinations.

The solution would be to join a vacation club and swap your timeshare week for points or exchange the week privately. Variety and flexibility are the new key words in the timeshare industry – there really is no need to sell your timeshare

After a bereavement or divorce, I no longer wish to return to our timeshare.

The emotional memories attached to a property can be very traumatic after a death or divorce. It is understandable that individuals would want to seek a way to sell something that brings back sad memories.

The solution would be to exchange your timeshare unit for another resort and destination. This is usually very easy if the timeshare developer has various resorts. The other option would be to join a vacation club and exchange your week for points. In many vacation clubs, like Interval International, you could even exchange points for cruises!

I inherited the timeshare.

Sometimes when people want to sell a timeshare it is because they have inherited the timeshare week. Firstly, it is advisable to at least visit the property and take advantage of a week’s vacation to test to see if it is something you would in fact like to keep. However, if you are intent on selling the timeshare, you are best advised to seek a reputable real estate agent and avoid any scams that ask for you to pay a fee in advance.


Author: Kristen Holmes