Looking to the Future: Timeshare in 2017 and Beyond

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Timeshare in 2017 will be a pivotal moment for the industry. First, there will be greater expectations from vacation clubs clients expect more and more from their memberships. Then there are the challenges and expenses in terms of incorporating more and more technology. No doubt, the change in the United State’s political administration will also bring about some changes affecting the timeshare industry and other tourist-related businesses at large.

Timeshare in 2017 – Looking to the future

There are a number of changes that we are likely to see taking place in the timeshare industry. Some will be lead by members’ demands and expectations while others result from advancements in the world at large. Below you will find some of the key influences that are sure to affect the future of timeshare in the years to come.

Looking for enlightenment

The wellness and enlightenment industry (sorry if that sounds a little patronizing) have gathered more and steam amongst the mainstream. No longer is the search for one’s inner self something for hippies and vegans, but it is becoming a booming and legitimate industry attracting both men and women of all social standings. If vacation clubs wish to attract this growing sector, they are going to need to start offering “transcendental” experiences, or at least those that offer yoga classes, spas and spaces for contemplation in addition to the gym and tennis courts. With this trend in mind, the year 2017 and beyond is sure to see more and more vacation clubs offering these kinds of services. Accommodations will still remain the main focus but we are going to start to see additional features providing opportunities to rejuvenate, unwind and attend to the general well-being of members.

The Luxury Market is Growing

In the past, vacation ownership was often met with the stigma of being a cheap product, offering budget accommodations to those people who want to save on their vacations. Most timeshare resorts catered for mid-range hospitality with few frills. However, times are changing. In the past few years, there has been a shift towards offering luxury products with a growing market of affluent travelers looking for that home away from home experience. As such, there is a trend amongst the best timeshare companies to offer flexible memberships that can access luxury accommodations and services to satisfy this growing market. High-level servicing at its best will soon become a common expectation among timeshare members.

Can’t avoid technology

Technological advances have broadened the way we communicate and as such vacation ownership companies have to move with the times too. Through social networks, emails, and blogs, connectivity is key to reaching out to members. Likewise, the use of tablets for check in, smartphone technology to open suite rooms instead of keys and messaging the resort manager and so on, are all shaping the future of the timeshare industry.

Political changes

It is yet to be seen what effect the recent political changes in the Unites States governance will have on travel, although the impact could be very positive if the dollar remains strong. Only time will tell how effective these political changes are.

What changes do you want to see in the timeshare in 2017?

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Author: Kristen Holmes