Save Money on Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

It is very easy to keep the costs down on a vacation in Puerto Vallarta just as it is not hard to spend a bomb. There is just so much to do, see, eat and drink that unless you are careful, your vacation could keep you tied to your credit card provider for a while. However, there are some easy steps you can take to vacation on the cheap in Puerto Vallarta.

Shop Around

This is true for both resorts and airfares. In terms of Puerto Vallarta resorts, there are many great deals to be had on-line, and your should definitely check out discount websites that specialize in Mexican resorts. You can also save money on accommodation in a Puerto Vallarta resort by attending a timeshare presentation in return for discount packages – Discount Vacation Hotels

You will get the best airfares for travel to Puerto Vallarta the earlier in advance that you reserve your ticket. There are also a number of low cost airlines operating from cities in the United States and Canada during the winter / spring high season that could offer you some really cheap deals, if you shop around.

Pay in Pesos

Although it is acceptable and common to pay using dollars (mainly US dollars) in most places in Puerto Vallarta, you will probably end up paying more overall thanks to unfavorable exchange rates that you will receive in most establishments. Paying in pesos will mean that you are more likely to pay the “real” price and you will have more power for haggling.

Use the Buses

For an adventure and great savings, use public transport where possible to avoid paying high taxi fares. Investing in a map or asking the hotel concierge to give you clear directions could save you money and also send you on a great adventure. It is pretty hard to get lost in Puerto Vallarta with the ocean and the mountains to guide you.

Buy Souvenirs on the Beach or Markets

Avoid buying gifts at the airport or at expensive “craft” shops and support the local economy by purchasing gifts and souvenirs from vendors on the beach or in flea markets. You will be surprised by the quality of the products and prices are kept low by healthy competition. Once you have bought what you need, invest in a sign that says “no gracias” to ward off other vendors and to stop the temptation to buy more.


Author: Kristen Holmes