Hotel or Vacation Rentals?

When deciding on the details of your vacation, the choice between choosing a hotel or renting an apartment is a common dilemma. Many people do not realize that renting a timeshare could actually give you the best of both worlds. Let see why…

Firstly, the benefit of staying in a hotel is that you can take advantage of all the facilities, including spas, restaurants, room service, etc. If you rent an apartment or a house in a vacation spot, while you may well have a pool and maid service, you are unlikely to have all the luxuries and services that a hotel offers. If you rent a timeshare on a resort, you can actually enjoy all the advantages of a hotel within the privacy of your own apartment.

The main complaint about staying in a hotel room is that space is limited and apart from a mini bar there is no space to keep snacks or food. If you opt for timeshare vacation rentals, you will usually enjoy a fully fitted kitchen and dining area as well as living rooms separate to the bedrooms. Families are more likely to want to choose vacation rentals in this case.

Cost is another thing to consider when choosing between vacation rentals and a hotel room. In many countries hotels have different taxes added that a vacation rental will not be subject to. Renting will usually work out cheaper.


Author: Kristen Holmes

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