Rent a Timeshare

The term “rent” when talking about timeshare has many connotations: for instance, owners can rent out or let their timeshare units when they are not going to use them, or indeed non-owners may wish to rent a timeshare property because they would like to take advantage of the larger accommodations and kitchen facilities that tend to come hand in hand with timeshare units. However, in fractional ownership if you have joined a vacation club like RCI or Interval International that uses a points system, you can even rent your points.

Benefits to Timeshare Owners

If you own a timeshare(s) and are unable to use it for whatever reason one year, you can always offer your unit for rent, whether to friends or to private clients. There are a number of ways you might find renters for your property, through personal recommendations, the Internet or by advertising in your local press. Another option you have is to exchange your week for points with a vacation club like Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI), Interval International or RCI, which then gives you the opportunity to swap those points for something else, or indeed save them so that the following year you can either use a property for longer or stay in a more luxurious upgraded unit.

Benefits for Renters

Many people choose a vacation rental over booking hotel rooms for their convenience and spacious accommodations. The advantages of renting a timeshare unit is that you are usually guaranteed kitchen facilities and large living spaces but you also received the all the benefits of staying at a resort. That is, you can rent something that you could live in yet enjoy all that a vacation complex has to offer: large pools, restaurants, room service, spa, gym and so on.

Renting for Points

Joining a vacation club like RCI, Universal Vacation Club International or Interval International allows you to exchange your timeshare week for points. If you are unable to use those points and do not wish to save them for the following year, you can always rent those points to others. Again, you will need to find the clients yourself by advertising with friends and online, although you could also use a rental company to help you.


Author: Kristen Holmes