villagroup timeshare

UVCI are the initials of Universal Vacation Club International, a legitimate mutual benefit organization that coordinates and manages services available to Villa del Palmar timeshare owners in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Nuevo Vallarta. In short, UVCI provides vacation club benefits to timeshare owners enabling them to exchange timeshare units between resorts.

When you buy a timeshare at one of the Villagroup’s Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico you can become a member of UVCI as a means of facilitating exchanges within the Villagroup Timeshare family of resorts. It is not a scam but rather a service which helps you to make the most out of your timeshare purchase. For example, if you have bought a Villa del Palmar timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, you may wish to visit Puerto Vallarta or Loreto as well, and you can therefore offer your Cabo timeshare for exchange and stay in one of the other resorts using UVCI’s exchange services depending on your level of UVCI membership.

The newest opportunity offered by UVCI to current Villagroup timeshare owners and new buyers is Villa Preferred Access, which has been misunderstood by some timeshare resale forums and scaremongers as a scam. Villa Preferred Access and UVCI is not a scam but an opportunity to turn your timeshare week into points, which gives you even greater flexibility. For example, by transforming your fixed week into timeshare points you can then split your week and visit two destinations in one year for two short vacation periods. Rather than a scam, UVCI is providing members with an easier and more flexible way of visiting other destinations by helping you take full advantage of your timeshare accommodations.

Some bloggers and timeshare skeptics writing on forums see UVCI and Villa Preferred Access as a potential scam, mainly because they have not taken the time to read the benefits of the scheme. In fact UVCI is a service provider, and a mutual benefit one at that, whose primary function is to help members make the most of their timeshare so that it remains to be a product worth investing in – a far cry from being a scam.


Author: Kristen Holmes