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Join a Timeshare Club in Mexico

It is quite easy to fall in love with Mexico as it has breathtaking and beautiful beaches that everyone enjoys. In fact, Mexico is ranked number 7 worldwide according to tourism polls. Mexico is always a favorite location for many tourists, because the locals are always welcoming, the heritage is rich, and the food is delicious, too. Did you know that many vacationers decide to purchase a vacation club membership so they can enjoy Mexican vacations regularly? Continue to read below to learn why Mexico is currently number 7 worldwide with tourism. Also, you can learn why joining a timeshare club in Mexico is a great way to enjoy regular vacations in paradise.

  1. Amazing Weather & Food: Many tourists that go to Mexico for their vacations decide to return more often. After just one vacation in Mexico, many tourists instantly fall in love with the country. As a result, that is why many tourists decide they want to invest in a Mexican vacation club to have regular amazing vacations. Close proximity to the States and Canada is another reason why foreigners decide to join a vacation club in Mexico. People can just jump on a plane and head to Mexico when they want to escape the cold winters up North. Mexico has excellent weather throughout the year, which means tourists can enjoy so many exciting outdoor activities. Also, the best food worldwide can be found in Mexico. They have exquisite gourmet fine dining and street food that is quite affordable and delicious, too. A Mexican vacation is a wonderful way to save money and enjoy life to the fullest.
  2. Mexico: #7 Worldwide for Tourism: The World Tourism Organization (WTO) performed a study that showed Mexico moved from #8th place to #6th place as being the best tourist destination in the world. In 2018, more than 39 million tourists vacationed in Mexico. Those numbers indicate that more tourists choose to spend their vacations in Mexico as opposed to vacationing in Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. With four years of continuous growth, in 2019 Mexico only fell from #6th place to #7 place in international tourism rankings. Overall, Mexico has been climbing ranks with tourism, and this was the first decline since 2013. Mexico is expected to continue to gain popularity with travelers in the coming years, too.
  3. Villa Group Resorts Timeshares: A timeshare membership in Mexico is a wise investment for you and your family. Furthermore, there are numerous options for tourists who want to become a timeshare owner in Mexico. Want to know the best choice? The Villa Group Resorts in Puerto Vallarta is one of the finest vacation clubs in Mexico. Likewise, they have over three decades of experience in the industry. Subsequently, they offer comfortable accommodations, outstanding amenities and quality services. Currently, the Villa Group Resorts have nine luxurious resorts throughout Mexico. That way, members can select the destination they want for their vacation. Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, and Islands of Loreto are a few of the top destinations. If you purchase a Villa Group Resorts timeshare membership, then you can stay at a different resort each time you go on vacation. The best is that you never have to worry about lackluster services or accommodations, because you will always receive the highest level.

Are you interested in joining a timeshare club in Mexico? Remember, the Villa Group Resorts is a top timeshare club in Mexico that you should join. Contact them today to schedule a sales presentation and go on a tour of the resort. Once you have paid your down payment and dues, you are an official timeshare member, and amazing and affordable vacations will be yours for the taking.

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