What to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation in Puerto Vallarta

Arriving to Puerto Vallarta, you are sure to be presented with a great opportunity to become an owner of a brand new timeshare property or to join an exclusive residence club, and there are many different resorts offering fractional ownership at great prices. In order to take advantage of these opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, you will be invited to attend a timeshare presentation, which tend to follow a similar formula.

Reputable companies in Puerto Vallarta will be obvious from the moment you arrive to the timeshare presentation; their properties simply sell themselves. When you first step foot on the resort, many companies will offer you time to get the feel of the place, while others will take you straight into a formal presentation after some light refreshments. This introductory presentation will show the benefits of ownership, sharing details of the resort, the history of the company and information about Puerto Vallarta as a destination. At this stage you can expect to see a range of materials from videos, PowerPoints and photographs, depending on the style of the presenter. You will gain a better idea of what is being sold.

After this you will be accompanied by a seller who will try to get to know you better and to find out what you expect from your vacations so as to best match the products to you. At this point, it is a good idea to indicate if timeshare really is not a possibility. However, this does not mean you should leave the timeshare presentation, rather, the seller then knows what he is dealing with and you will feel more confident that you have been upfront from the beginning.

You will then be shown more detailed photographs of the units and the facilities of the resort and floor plans with all the specifications and the cost of each accommodation. To give you time to digest the figures, you will be taken on a tour of the resort and accommodations so that you can bring to life the floor plans and gain a better idea of your potential investment.

After falling in love with all the properties, you will need to decide what you can afford and what investments you want to make in your future vacations. You will be expected to sign a contract on the day to receive the special prices agreed and you should read the contract carefully. If there is anything you have any serious doubts about, ask for confirmation in writing or speak to a manager; do not accept a verbal promise to make any changes.

By this time of the timeshare presentation, you should be a happy and proud owner of a wonderful vacation property. Congratulations!


Author: Kristen Holmes

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  1. If the timeshare offer seem too good to be true, they probably are. Vacationers are offered free breakfasts, activities such as horseback riding or scuba diving, or even week-long vacations just to attend a short 90-minute timeshare presentation. They are told that there is no obligation to buy a timeshare, just to listen and learn about the great deals or investments being offered. In return, they will enjoy some free gifts to compensate them for their time and thank them for their interest. While some of these presentations are legitimate, most are timeshare scams that use high-pressure sales tactics to lure clients into purchasing high-priced, low-value timeshares.

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