What Historical Sites to Visit in and Around Cancun

Historical Sites to Visit in and Around Cancun

One of the main attractions of choosing a vacation in Cancun is that there is more to the beach destination than simply idyllic Caribbean beaches. While rest and relaxation are certainly on the cards, you can combine getting a tan with more cultural pursuits such as visiting one or more of the many historical and archaeological sites in and around Cancun.

The whole area that surrounds Cancun is peppered with a number of sacred Mayan sites, some in better conditions than others. The Ancient Maya were one of the earliest civilisations to have made commendable advances in architecture, astrology and mathematics, and their legacy can be found in the enigmatic sites located near Cancun.

El Rey and El Meco

Cancun boasts two minor Mayan sites located within the city itself. El Rey has around 46 small structures including a market stage and temple while El Meco is smaller still, yet supposedly a particularly powerful site in terms of esoteric energies.

Chichen Itza

A couple of hours away from Cancun City, Chichen Itza delights visitors every day. One of the most famous sites, you can explore temples, the main pyramid, an observatory and ball court in addition to many other interesting structures.


Coba is more or less on the way to Chichen Itza and boasts a large pyramid, which is one of the oldest in the region, dating from around 700 to 1100 AD. The jungle setting makes it particularly enigmatic.


The Mayan site located in Tulum is very unique as it overlooks the beach. The temples and other well preserved structures fascinated visitors day in day out.


This is another famous site that is located on the coastline. Xcaret was once an important trading port. The buildings are supposed to be among some of the oldest dates from 200 to 600 AD.


Author: Kristen Holmes