Villa Group Elite Membership – 2019 Update

Villa Group Elite Membership

Are you a current timeshare member with the award winning Villa Group Resort family? Or are you dreaming of how to set up a vacation plan for your family that you can enjoy not only now, but for years to come as well? A vacation ownership plan with the Villa Group is an excellent way to plan ahead for incredible vacations at some of the best resorts in Mexico. If you are looking to have an even more luxurious experience for your membership plan, have you heard about the Villa Group Elite Membership? The Villa Group Elite Membership is an upgraded option for individuals who really want to enjoy all the bells and whistles that make vacations so enjoyable. Stop wasting time daydreaming about what could be, and read below to learn how you too can enjoy a Villa Group Elite Membership that your whole family will love.

How Can I Sign Up for a Villa Group Elite Membership?

To begin with, are you a current Villa Group timeshare member or are you brand new and ready to sign up? Either way, the process to earn elite status is the same. The Villa Group Elite program uses a point system to help determine member status that is divided into three levels. The level you are in is set by the number of points that you have accrued with your membership plan. In order to enjoy the benefits of the first Elite level which is referred to as a Four Star level, members must have earned 5,000 points. Once a member earns 10,000 points they move into the next level which is known as the Five Star level. The highest level of Villa Group Elite Membership that you can accrue is the Elite Residences level which is reserved for members who have earned 15,000 points or more.

Villa Group Elite Membership Benefits

So now that you know the system to reach the various Villa Group Elite Membership levels, want to learn more about the incredible benefits you can look forward to enjoying at each level? To start with, your upgraded experience is evident the moment you step foot on the resort property. Unlike standard level members, Villa Group Elite members have priority service and are eligible for a pre-arrival check-in process. Instead of waiting in line to be attended to, you can simply go straight to the Villa Group Elite Membership concierge for assistance, or even go straight to your suite for a personalized check-in experience in private. Elite members also have access to the exclusive Villa group Elite Membership call center for specialized attention, and Elite members enjoy a 30-day reservation booking window for added flexibility.

Exclusive Bonuses for Villa Group Elite Membership

In addition to upgraded accommodations, Villa Group Elite Membership also has incredible exclusive bonuses that are not available to other members. These special benefits include VIP attention and the best tables at restaurants, Elite members only pool access, unlimited use of the spa wet areas, personalized butler service and complimentary wifi service for all of your devices. These extra services and upgraded amenities allow for a more complete vacation experience so you can really pamper yourself and your loved ones. Villa Group is constantly looking for new ways to keep their Elite members happy, so the upgrades and bonuses are constantly changing and you can expect new surprises at each visit. In addition, while the three Elite categories share similar benefits, there are additional discounts available if you attend presentations, potential room upgrades based on available inventory, designated plush and luxurious Elite towels, and special VIP areas just for Elite members located throughout the Villa Group properties. You will really feel like royalty when you see all the great benefits and treats you will enjoy with your Villa Group Elite Membership.

Are you ready to upgrade your membership to become a Villa Group Elite Member? You can see it will be well worth it to enjoy an ultra luxurious vacation that makes all your hard work worth it.

Author: Kristen Holmes

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