The Truth About The Villa Group Timeshare

Villa Group Timeshare - Puerto Vallarta night fireworks Pirates

Many people think that timeshare is synonymous with ripoff or scam, when in fact it is not the product itself that is fraudulent but unethical companies who operate with the aim to take advantage of people. Therefore, when deciding whether to buy a timeshare it is recommended to use a timeshare operator with a track record for excellence, preferably a larger established company as opposed to a smaller new venture.

The Villa Group Timeshare is a company with an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding timeshare products and for its considerate treatment of potential clients. It boast over 28 years in the business and has more than 8 resorts in Mexico while continuing to expand. Top destination such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun all boast Villa Group timeshare resorts.

Perhaps most importantly, with The Villa Group you know that your investment is safe and that you are going to buy into a chain that will offer you more and more as time goes by. Indeed, this ethical timeshare company is an expert in its field, carefully selecting locations to ensure that the vacation experience is no short of exceptional.

The design of the resorts, the quality of the facilities and the spacious accommodations that are decorated for comfort and style, allow The Villa Group timeshares to simply sell themselves. There is no hard sell, no threats or game-playing, just quality that speaks for itself.

Below you will find a list of The Villa Group resorts that feature timeshare products:


Author: Kristen Holmes

6 thoughts on “The Truth About The Villa Group Timeshare

  1. Timeshares can be a terrific purchase for some families, as they also can be a giant rip off for others. 50 years ago, also known as Holiday Home Sharing or timeshare travel, timeshares were created with the idea of offering fully furnished accommodations for a lower price than a full-time ownership. Nowadays, timeshares have become a very popular vacation option, yet lots of people do not completely understand how timeshares operate.

  2. Has anyone who’s bought a Villa Group timeshare got an opinion on this? We are going to a Villa Group timeshare presentation at Villa del Palmar Cancun tomorrow morning. Not sure what to expect. We have heard nightmare stories about timeshare.

  3. My wife and I bought a Villa Group timeshare in Cabo and have enjoyed amazing experiences. We tend to return each year to Cabo but have visited Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Riviera Nayarit, Villa del Palmar Cancun and the resort in Loreto. In comparison to the timeshares that my friends own, we feel really really lucky. We have heard some nightmare stories, but when you buy from a well known brand, you are more likely to avoid a scam. We are very happy with ours and recommend Villa Group timeshare to all our friends and family. We even got rewards once when we recommended my wife’s cousin and her husband through Villa Group’s referral program.

  4. Our Villa Group timeshare is one of the best decisions we made! The Cancun resort is really amazing. Look out for the waterfall bridge.

  5. Villa Group is a great timeshare! We bought in Puerto Vallarta about 10 years ago and love it.

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