Top Vacation Club in Mexico: Villa Group

Top Vacation Club in Mexico: Villa Group Elite Membership

Are you a timeshare member with the Villa Group Resorts? Have you been wondering how you can get a vacation plan so that you can enjoy amazing getaways with your family for many years to come? Becoming a vacation club member with the Villa Group is a wonderful way that you can have the best vacations in Mexico, and get to stay at the best resorts. Have you heard about the Villa Group Elite Membership plan? The Villa Group Elite Membership is an upgrade option for club members who want to ensure that they get all the top perks available. You can stop dreaming about what you could have, and read below to learn how you can join the top vacation club in Mexico, the Villa Group Resorts.

  • Signing Up To Become a Villa Group Elite Member

Are you a current timeshare member with the Villa Group, or are you wanting to sign up to become a Villa Group member? The Villa Group Elite Membership program is a point system that will determine each person’s member status, and there are three levels with the Elite Membership. The number of points that you have collected will determine your membership status. The first level of the Elite Membership is called a Four Star, and that requires 5,000 points. The second level is the Five Star, and that requires 10,000 points. Next, the highest and most exclusive level is the Elite Residences, and that requires 15,000 points or more.

  • Elite Membership Benefits at Villa Group Resorts

You have just learned about the Villa Group Elite Membership levels, and how you can reach each level. Are you curious about what benefits you can enjoy with each level? As soon as you arrive on the resort property, your upgraded experience begins. The Villa Group Elite members qualify for pre-arrival check-in, which means you don’t have to stand in line and can go straight to the concierge for help. You can even go directly to your suite where you can check in within the privacy of your suite. The Elite members also have specialized attention when you phone the call center, and you will have extended and flexible booking windows of a month, which makes planning your next vacation to Mexico even easier.

  • Elite Membership Bonuses

The upgraded accommodations are only the beginning, because Elite membership also offers additional bonuses that other members are unable to get. They include VIP treatment at restaurants where you will get the best tables, and pool access for members only, the spa wet areas, and butler service that is personalized just for you. You and your loved ones will be pampered on your vacation to Mexico, and the Villa Group Resorts are always coming up with new ways to provide Elite members with added bonuses. Elite members can upgrade their rooms, ask for the plush and luxurious towels, and enjoy access to exclusive VIP areas around the resort property. Once you see all the bonuses, treats, and benefits that Villa Group Elite Membership provides you, you will feel like royalty.

Would you like to upgrade? Do you want to be a Villa Group Elite Member? It is well worth it, so you can enjoy a luxurious vacation to Mexico every time you travel. The top vacation club in Mexico is Villa Group Resorts.

Author: Kristen Holmes

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