Top 5 Travel Tips for Mexico

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Are you planning to travel to Mexico soon? If you haven’t visited the beautiful country before, you’re in for quite a treat. The natural beauty of Mexico is quite spectacular. Likewise, visitors will quickly fall in love with the beautiful beaches, excellent climate, and rich culture. In addition to stunning landscapes, there are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy, great restaurants, world class shopping, and more. If you haven’t been to Mexico before, read below for some useful travel tips. These tips may help make your visit to the popular tourist country even better. If you want to stay at an all-inclusive resort, the Villa Group has luxury properties in the country’s best locations. Right now, low cost travel packages are available so you can travel in style and stay on budget, too. Ready to head down south to visit sunny Mexico? Call the Villa Group today. In the meantime, keep reading more for our top 5 travel tips for Mexico.

#1 – Restroom Tips

A common mistake that English speaking visitors make when they travel to Mexico is that they get confused over how restrooms are marked. To make sure you don’t make an embarrassing mistake, you should know that the Spanish word for women is “mujeres.” So, if you see a door marked with an “M,” that is for the ladies and not the men’s room. In Mexico, the men’s room will have a door marked with an “H” (for “hombres”) or a “C” (for “caballeros”). Remember this tip during your travels so you don’t end up walking into the wrong restroom.

#2 – Immigration Paper Slip (FMM)

Next, another important travel tip for people visiting Mexico is about the immigration paper slip. When you land into a Mexico airport, you will have to go through Immigration and Customs before you can exit the airport. When the Mexico immigration officer hands you back your stamped passport, there will be a paper slip that is inside the passport. When travelers visit Mexico, they hae to fill out a small section of information on the end of animmigration form. The bottom section is break-away paper, and the immigration officer will tear it off and place in your passport. This is also known as your Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) which is proof you are visiting the country legally. Make sure to hold onto the paper because you’ll need to turn it in at the airport when you leave the country. If you lose it, you will have to pay a fine.

#3 – Don’t Drink Tap Water

If you want to avoid getting a nasty stomach bug your during trip, it’s best to avoid drinkingthe tap water. Unless you are staying in a place that has a quality filtration system in place, it’s best to use bottled water or water from a large jug. However, buying bottled water quickly adds up, and plastic has terrible long term effects for the environment. If you want to avoid buying tons of water bottles which are really bad for the environment, there is another option. For example, a convenient and eco-friendly solution is to bring a filtered water bottle along with you during your trip. One of the most popular and trusted products available today is The Lifestraw Filtered Water Bottle. Popular with thousands of eco-friendly travelers, to use you just fill up the water bottle and the heavy-grade filter remove bacteria and parasites as you drink.

#4 Use a VPN to Protect Your Digital Security

Today, our digital security and private information is even more important to keep safe. With so many technology devices in use including cell phones, laptops, iPads and more, almost everyone will be using a device while they travel. However, it’s important to know you could be putting your digital security at risk. To protect yourself, use a VPN to protect your private information while browsing the internet. Some travelers have found that even when connected to their hotel’s WiFi, they were unknowingly passing their private information to a nearby scammer. If you don’t use a VPN, you could put important bank details, passwords, and sensitive data at risk. Especially if you plan to work remotely, always use a VPN to securely encrypt your data. Quality VPNs are cheap such as Tunnelbear which only costs around $39/year, so make sure you use one while traveling.

#5 Take A Bus 

Another great tip that many people don’t know about is that Mexico has an excellent bus system. Mexico is a large country, so getting around can be a challenge. While affordable flights are frequently available, the excellent Mexico bus system is also a great way to travel. Mexico has a tiered bus system, with a variety of classes of service offered at correspondingly higher prices. For example, the higher classes are first (“primero”) and platinum (“platino”). The first class buses are much nicer than buses in the States and Canada, and have comfortable seats and onboard restrooms. In fact, many have seats that are equivalent to business class seats on an airline. Plus, taking a bus is a great way to see Mexico’s gorgeous countryside. Some of the best providers include ETN and Primera Plus.

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Author: Kristen Holmes