Top 4 Great Spots for the Best Pictures in Puerto Vallarta

Mirador La Cruz View in Puerto Vallarta

These days, many people put a lot of energy and effort into capturing that perfect vacation picture. Thanks to modern cell phones, everyone has a camera with them at all times. We want to share our amazing vacation pictures with friends, family and post them on social media. If you are heading to Puerto Vallarta for vacation, you may be wondering where you can get the best vacation pictures? Located in Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist destination that has tons of natural beauty, amazing restaurants, and rich culture, too. To be honest, it’s easy to find great photo opportunities virtually anywhere you go in the area. However, we have compiled the below list of the top 4 places of spots for taking the best pictures in Puerto Vallarta. Make sure to visit them during your next getaway to PV and you are sure to capture unforgettable photos!

  1. Cerro de La Cruz. Next, another great place to get a wonderful picture of downtown Puerto Vallarta is the Cerro de de la Cruz mirador. This urban location is reached by hiking up a long staircase that leads to a look out point with views of the city and Banderas Bay. If you love being active in the outdoors, the Cerro de la Cruz is known for its spectacular city, jungle and ocean views from up top. In order to reach the sweet spot for photos, you can start right on the famous Puerto Vallarta malecon downtown near the Mandala nightclub. Continue walking up Calle Abasolo until you reach the Mirador’s stairs that climb to the top of Cerro de la Cruz. The Cerro de la Cruz mirador has breathtaking 360 degree views that can’t be beat so it’ll be easy to get a great picture.
  2. The Puerto Vallarta Sign (PV Letters). Thirdly, another classic photo during a Puerto Vallarta vacation is to take a picture next to the Puerto Vallarta sign. Located right on the iconic Malecon boardwalk, the classic colorful block letters spelling out city names are also found in towns through Mexico. The PV sign was unveiled back in 2016 during the World Tourism Day events, and is currently located near the iconic “Seahorse Statue” on the Malecon boardwalk. The Puerto Vallarta sign was designed and created by Carlos Terres, who is a talented sculptor and artist. In fact, Terres is the same artist that replaced the destroyed crown at the city’s main church by the central plaza that was damaged during a storm many years ago. During your visit to Puerto Vallarta, make sure to take a photo in front of the Puerto Vallarta sign with its unique traditional designs and colorful motifs. While the PV sign has been moved to various locations around town including the Marina and the Amphitheater, it’s currently located on the Malecon.
  3. Puerto Vallarta Pier. Last but not least, another great spot to take a beautiful picture in Puerto Vallarta is at the PV pier. The renovated Los Muertos Beach pier was unveiled on January 4th, 2013 with fireworks and live music after 3 years of reconstruction. Designed by architect José de Jesús Torres Vega who won the Mexican Biannual Architecture Prize, the renovated pier is designed to look like a sailboat with colorful lights that turn on at night. This is a top landmark where you can get a great keepsake photo from your vacation. The pier is the spot where local fisherman and water taxis are found as well. If you want to get to know the south shore of PV, you can take a water taxi from the pier and head south to visit quaint coastal villages such as Las Ánimas, Quimixto, Mismaloya, and Yelapa.
  4. Monkey Mountain Viewpoint. If you want to enjoy a beautiful and challenging hike during your visit, you must visit the Monkey Mountain viewpoint near the small town of Higuera Blanca in Riviera Nayarit. Located about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Higuera Blanca is a peaceful and tranquil coastal town that is also the location for the trailhead for the hike to Monkey Mountain. Also known as Cerro del Mono in Spanish, the hike winds through lush jungle greenery as it climbs up to the viewpoint on a large rock high above. Note that footing can be tricky in some points, so proceed with caution. From up top, you will enjoy amazing views of Banderas Bay including Punta Mita and Sayulita. Make sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes for the hike. It’s definitely one of the top spots for taking the best pictures in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Now you own the best spots for taking great pictures in Puerto Vallarta. If you didn’t already know, Puerto Vallarta and neighboring Riviera Nayarit are lovely places to visit or join a vacation club. It’s the best way to always have great vacations in Mexico and save money over time, too.


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Author: Kristen Holmes