The Restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

Being on vacation is all about letting loose and enjoying good food, good weather, and having a great time. That’s why the Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas resort in Mexico offers its guests not only the best facilities and accommodations, but the best food in the area too! Here’s a rundown of what the resort has to offer you! Take a look at these reviews of the restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas.

The Taco Bar

If you’re just having too much fun on the beach or by the pool, and you don’t want to get changed out of that bikini just yet then you can hop on down to the Taco Bar. This is the perfect restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas for a casual lunch or dinner followed by a refreshing frozen cocktail or a cold beer. And you can enjoy all of this with a view of El Arco that will blow your mind!

Tortugas Sports Bar

After you’ve finished up at the Taco Bar you can head on down to Tortugas to catch a game and have a few more beers. Of course you can also eat here, and the food is great. If you want a casual, low maintenance bite to eat while you soak up the sunshine and atmosphere. Tortugas is open from 1pm to 10:30pm every day.

The Ice Cream Corner

For those people who want to use their vacation to skip straight to the good bit and eat all the dessert they want, the Ice Cream Corner at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas will seem like heaven. The selection of ice cream, desserts, sodas, and coffees will delight you whether you come alone or bring your family. The cooling concoctions found here will perfectly combat the sizzling summer sun.

Bella California

Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas’s Italian restaurant is perfect for when you’re looking for a fine dining experience with a wonderful ocean view. The Bella California restaurant should be your first port of call for delectable dining. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and the chefs prepare a wonderful array of traditional dishes that will have your mouth watering in no time. What’s more you can enjoy all that the Bella California has to offer as well as a stunning view of the sun as it goes down over the sparkling ocean waves.

For the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas combined with a great value stay, consider Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas for your vacations in Mexico.

Author: Kristen Holmes