How to Protect Yourself from a Villa del Palmar Scam

Villa del Palmar Scam

You can protect yourself from a Villa del Palmar Timeshare scam with the tips below. To be protected, then you have to be smarter than the scammers, because they are becoming quite clever. Over the last few years timeshares have had their fair share of scammers and many people are taken for their money. There are ways to protect yourself. Just read below for the tips for how to protect yourself from a Villa del Palmar scam.

Avoid Being Involved with a Villa del Palmar Resale

A Villa del Palmar resale is a common scam that occurs. This only can happen to you if you purchase your Villa del Palmar timeshare anywhere but directly from the resort. You can fall in this trap and the many dangers, which include invalid memberships with Villa del Palmar, agent fees, the seller quits responding to your calls and emails as they seem to disappear, and much more. You should only purchase your timeshare from one of the official sellers at a Villa del Palmar timeshare sales room. If you are taken anywhere else to close the deal you are likely being scammed.

Beware Cold Callers Offering to Purchase your Villa del Palmar Timeshare

You may be loving your timeshare and think you are free from any cold caller scam, but these scammers have tricked happy Villa del Palmar timeshare owners. They will call you and tell you that they have an interested buyer that wants to buy your membership at a generous price. The owner is amazed and the scammer tells the owner that they have to charge them with a fee, and the owner pays the fee, because the owner thinks they are going to make a profit selling their timeshare. Later, the owner finds out that the scammer took the money and run and there was never an interested buyer.

Stay Away from Villa del Palmar Cancellation Fraud

One thing to remember is you can’t cancel your Villa del Palmar timeshare from an outside party. There are so many scammers that say they can cancel your timeshare, but it isn’t possible. They will charge you a large fee, then you think you are not obligated to the timeshare payments, but you find out quickly that your timeshare is in default, and this can be a costly problem for you. Don’t put yourself or your finances at risk.

Thankfully, we have found out the scams that are affecting Villa del Palmar timeshares. We want to help you to avoid these scams, so you are not the next victim of a timeshare fraud and scam.

Author: Kristen Holmes