The Better Business Bureau and You

The Better Business Bureau and You

For more than seventy five years the Better Business Bureau has been in operation protecting consumers from scams and fraudsters. The Better Business Bureau is a service that gives consumers advice on businesses which they have approved. The Better Business Bureau will only give a business or company accreditation when they meet and withhold quality standards, and this accreditation is their seal of approval, which a company or business can add to their website and other materials that they use.

The Better Business Bureau is also known as the BBB in the United States and Canada, and consumers go to the BBB to make sure a company or business is legit, so they are not scammed. The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing sound information about the businesses it accredits.

Trustworthy Companies

Anyone can contact the Better Business Bureau and ask the credentials about a business, charity, and any type of service offered. This could be on the internet or not. When you contact the Better Business Bureau you can ask if there are any good reviews about the company, business, or charity, and if there are any negative complaints. If you do this, then you will know immediately if the company is trustworthy, so you are not scammed.

BBB Seal of Approval

When the BBB gives a company or business their seal of approval, then consumers will be able to know that this company is a legit company and not a scammer, which is very important for new businesses offering a new, trendy service that you don’t know about. Every business must follow the Better Business Bureau’s standards and guidelines, and they must follow and obey all the standards as well.

The Better Business Bureau will gather information on each business that is included on its website. They will process all complaints by customers, even if the business has not yet been accredited by the BBB, then that company or business has a chance to make things right to the consumer that has made any complaints. If you are a consumer and have had a bad experience with a company, then you can call your local BBB office or go to their website and file a complaint. The Better Business Bureau will then contact the business in questions with the complaint filed, so the business can make a resolution with the consumer. The Better Business Bureau resolves consumer complaints and over seventy of these complaints are completely resolved and dropped.

Author: Kristen Holmes