Why Practice Yoga?

Practicing Yoga at the beach

Are you into yoga? If not, you should know that there are many benefits of yoga and meditation. In fact, yoga is a great way to keep your mind and body balanced. Yoga helps to lower stress levels which is especially important right now during the COVID pandemic. While everyone does their part to stay healthy as the vaccine becomes available, why not incorporate yoga and meditation into your daily routine? These incredibly powerful tools will help you stay grounded and healthy. Plus, there’s nothing like a little rest and relaxation to ease a troubled mind. Why not also plan a vacation to Mexico? There, the Villa Group Resorts have COVID measures in place to safely welcome guests to pamper themselves with sun and beach therapy. Meanwhile, keep reading more below about the benefits of practice yoga and meditation. 

Origins of Yoga

While yoga has gained popularity immensely over the last few decades, yoga actually originated over 5,000 years ago in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India. The word yoga is even mentioned in the Rig Veda, which is a sacred collection of ancient texts containing songs, mantras and rituals used by Brahmans. Later, yoga gurus from India introduced yoga to the Western world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Over time, yoga transformed into a posture-based physical technique that has stress-relief and relaxation benefits. With the stresses of today’s modern world, everyone can use some yoga in their lives.

Benefits of Yoga

For starters, yoga keeps your body and mind strong. Yoga improves flexibility and increases muscle strength and tone. Plus, individuals that regularly practice yoga enjoy improved respiration, energy and vitality. Likewise, yoga helps to maintain a healthy weight, balance your metabolism, and improves circulatory health. Yoga is extremely advantageous to good health as a stress reliever that is good for your body and soul. In addition to yoga, there are many benefits of meditation and breathing techniques. Want to take a vacation to Mexico? There are plenty of open air spaces to practice yoga at the Villa Group Resorts. They offer a quality vacation club membership, too. That way, members can take regular vacations to rest and decompress. On your getaway, you can enjoy a relaxing yoga session right on the sand as the waves crash on the beach.

Meditation & Breathing Techniques

If you don’t already know, meditation is a practice where you slow down and try to allow the mind to go blank. Guided meditations are available that you listen to, or you can find a quiet spot to sit in silence. Likewise, mindfulness is an important skill to improve the benefits of meditation. When you focus your attention on the present moment, it helps to not allow the stresses of our daily lives to overwhelm our senses. In addition, breathing techniques are great ways to work on lengthening the inhaled breath and exhaled breath which reduces stress. To start, direct the breath into the stomach or the chest and focus on deep, slow breathing. By doing so, the heart rate slows down and the nervous system is activated.

While life is uncertain and always changing, we can work on ourselves. By practicing yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques, we can reduce stress and stay healthier. Plus, breathing techniques and meditation allow the body to move into a state of restful peace. As an added bonus, being calm and centered actually strengthens the immune system, too. That way, our bodies are healthy and strong to fight any viruses or illness. This is especially important right now because of the COVID pandemic. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself with a relaxing vacation in Mexico at Villa Group Resorts. They have COVID safety and hygiene protocols to keep guests and vacation club members safe. Plus, they have special travel packages available right now that won’t last forever. Who knows, maybe you can be practicing yoga on the beach before you know it?

Author: Kristen Holmes

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