Jobs in Timeshare Sales

Jobs in Timeshare Sales

The timeshare industry is already a big business and it is growing! With more than 500 000 people employed globally, there is a lot of money to be made in this travel and vacations industry. Especially if you are good at what you do, you can land a job among the 5,000 resorts in 120 different countries. You not only have a challenging job, you also get a rewarding line of work when you become part of the timeshare sales industry.

Jobs in Timeshare Sales

Selling is the main way to make money that you have been only dreaming of. Although selling is a natural ability for most people, other factors such as focus and dedication are similarly important. If you have charming, friendly, or outgoing personality, the timeshare sales industry is also for you. These are only some of the skills you might possess that can help you become part of this growing industry.

Here are the most common positions available for you if you want to be part of the industry and are looking for jobs in timeshare sales:

In-house jobs in timeshare sales

Prospective clients may have already been contacted by other timeshare salesperson but as an in-house worker, it means you get the chance to have a deeper talk with those people you receive as they check into their resorts. You have a higher chance of having these people book for a “property tour”. A major asset as an in-house sales person is the giving of a timeshare presentation to prospective buyers. As their first contact, you have a better chance of gaining their trust, especially if they have not been bombarded by off property contact sellers yet. You have the best time to convince them to accept things that you offer such as discounts at restaurants or on spa treatments in exchange for a small time they will give to listen to you before they can get these great deals.

Off Property Contact – OPC jobs in timeshare

As an OPC you are responsible for sending up a clientele to the resort. You are stationed at the airport, a fine dining establishment, the boardwalk or a shopping mall. Making a sales presentation as appealing as possible by selling it to a prospective buyer is your main task. No need to worry on how you can carry out this responsibility since you are equipped with lots of freebies and discounted offers that clienteles will find hard to refuse. Your work schedule will be most flexible and working hours are generally short. This makes OPC an ideal part-time gig for those who do not have an entire 8 hour day for an office work. Working parents can also take advantage of this great job offer.

Saleroom jobs in timeshare sales

Working in a timeshare saleroom means you do not have to go out and look for clients yourself. These prospective buyers are delivered right up to you. If you are good at this high-pressure job, this can be an incredibly lucrative job for you. As you start to make your sales, more opportunities will be given to you so it is important to always keep your best foot forward. As a timeshare saleroom agent, it is up to you how to make your clients want to buy what you offer. You can help them visualize the different rewards of having a vacation ownership and how this can help them enjoy getaways in various paradise locations around the world not just for the present but for many years to come. After convincing them to own one, you start talking numbers until you all agree with a price. A plus factor for having this job is that most salesrooms close around 2 pm. You will have the rest of the day for yourself!

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  1. I have been in sales for years. I own a time share in Canncun and love it there. Have been a business owner and can close a sale. Please get back to me on a possible sales position. I speak quite a bit of Spanish and can become fluent with a bit of work. I hope to hear from you.

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