Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scam

Villa del Palmar Timeshare

“Villa del Palmar Timeshare” is the name of a chain of condominium-style resorts in Mexico owned by the reputable timeshare developers The Villa Group. The renowned company operates in many locations in Mexico, having chosen the best vacation destinations to develop its first rate timeshare products, namely, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. Each resort carries the Villa del Palmar name, for example, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas and so on.

So, is Villa del Palmar Timeshare a scam?

It is worth establishing that Villa del Palmar timeshare is not a scam; The Villa Group is a genuine outfit offering legitimate timeshare units at excellent prices. Many people worry about being ripped-off by timeshare companies and scam artists, especially if your buy a timeshare in a property that is not yet built. However, with nearly 30 years in the business, buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare is a safe bet.

However, not all timeshare companies are the real deal like The Villa Group and potential buyers should be aware of the kinds of scams that could trick you out of your money. Firstly, when looking to buy a Villa del Palmar timeshare, you must make sure that you are buying from The Villa Group itself and not from a site on the internet because many of the companies that appear to be offering Villa del Palmar units online are in fact scams.

The other type of scam to avoid are those that catch you after you have bought your timeshare. You get a call saying that someone wants to buy your unit for a great price, you then have to pay a fee to receive the buyer’s information and then the buyer pulls out. This is an obvious scam to avoid.

Finally, the best way to avoid a scam, is to make sure that you research the company you are buying with. Look for positive reviews and choose an established timeshare company; that way you will be able to stay clear of any timeshare scams.


Author: Kristen Holmes

2 thoughts on “Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scam

  1. Timeshare fraud has been around since the timeshare idea was created, but they increase during poor economy. When times are difficult, timeshare owners are stuck with properties they canĀ“t travel to or even afford. Desperate to recoup some money to pay for bills, they can easily become victims to scams artists pretending to be their timeshare salvation who will take upfront fees -as much as five number figures in some cases- but fail to fulfill their promise.

  2. The timeshare industry is very complex and controversial. Some people love it, some people hate it; there are no uncertain terms. The truth is that the sale of vacation ownerships is an extremely profitable business for the timeshare companies, being that they have the possibility to sell each unit to 52 different owners, one for each week of the year. But, what about the buyers? Is it a good deal for them too? Unfortunately, many timeshare purchasers feel they were scammed and are not completely satisfied with their membership.

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