Dining in Puerto Vallarta

Dining in Puerto Vallarta is one of the key features that makes Puerto Vallarta one of the best Mexico vacation destinations. There are so many different places to dine for varying budgets offering excellent quality and impressive service. Below is a short list of the top dining in Puerto Vallarta, although the list is just the tip of the iceberg of great cuisine in Puerto Vallarta.


With a number of gourmet dining festivals held in Puerto Vallarta, fine dining is something Banderas Bay does best.

Blanca Blue

Blanca Blue Restaurant is part of Garza Blanca Preserve and is open to diners from outside of the hotel. Blanca Blue is a gourmet restaurant with an incredible view of the Banderas Bay and Los Arcos (the rock arches that rise from the water). It has a wine cellar with one of the largest selection of wines in Puerto Vallarta and over 100 different brand of tequila.

Cafe Des Artistes

Owned by Chef Thierry Blouet, this restaurant has the best service in Vallarta and delicious gourmet dishes to make the mouth water. A number of creative dishes feature on the menu and can be paired with a wide selection of fine wines. The decor and location of this gourmet restaurant just a couple of blocks from the boardwalk make it a popular choice.

La Leche

This is a restaurant for surprises. The menu is crafted each day, choosing the freshest produce. While the interior design is based on the theme of milk (leche), the food dazzles against the minimalist white background. The presentation of the food is one of the key features behind La Leche’s success as well as the inventive combinations of flavors.


Being located on the coast, you can expect the highest quality of seafood in Puerto Vallarta. Most restaurants will offer a variety of fish dishes; however, if you are looking for something dedicated to the best seafood and and shellfish, check out Barracuda and Ocho Tostadas.


This restaurant is famous for its location in the downtown area on the beach, serving a wide range of fish dishes and shellfish combos. You can find anything from shrimp tacos to surf and turf casseroles. Its location overlooking the ocean makes it particularly popular. There is another Barracuda restaurant recently opened in Nuevo Vallarta too.

Ocho Tostadas

This is a local chain of seafood restaurants with a number dotted around Puerto Vallarta. The easiest one to identify for tourists is the Ocho Tostadas at the Marina. This restaurant is like a fast-food seafood joint, with the most delicious dishes you will find. The atmosphere is casual and fun, making for a great lunch choice.


Puerto Vallarta is very popular for families, not only because of the safe beaches and all the amazing activities you can do. All inclusive hotels are of an extremely high quality in Puerto Vallarta in addition to a delicious selection of family friendly restaurants.

Dolce Vita

For great family dining, the Italian favorite on the boardwalk and in Nuevo Vallarta, Dolce Vita is an ideal restaurant to take the whole family. It has an extensive menu of pastas and pizzas as well as meals for children. You may wish to make a reservation as it is often highly in demand.


Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as a cultural center is ever growing and there are a number of restaurants where you can listen to good live music while you dining in Puerto Vallarta.

El Patio de Mi Casa

El Patio de Mi Casa is a casual restaurant with a more bohemian feel. There is a live music program, whether that be jazz groups or chill out DJs while you enjoy the alfresco dining of stone oven pizzas and other delicious dishes to share with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

The Jazz Bistro

An elegant gourmet dining venue in Puerto Vallarta that offers excellent jazz music while you choose from a finely crafted menu in a beautifully decorated setting by the River Cuale. Not to be missed.

Author: Kristen Holmes