5 Reasons why Discount Vacation Hotels is not a Scam

Are you worried that the cheap vacation deals offered by Discount Vacation Hotels are a sign that the travel agent is a scam? Have seen the low cost all inclusive packages but think it must be too good to be true? Below you will find 5 reasons why Discount Vacation Hotels is not a scam.

Why Discount Vacation Hotels is not a scam

  1. Discount Vacation Hotels is a registered travel agent that specializes in Mexico vacation packages. All the resorts and hotels promoted by Discount Vacation Hotels and its agents are genuine.

  2. When you speak to the agent to make your reservation, it is possible to research the hotels mentioned and check for yourself. You can also verify your reservation details within the cancellation period.

  3. All the agents have first-hand knowledge of the resorts where you will be staying. You can ask any question and they can provide you will eyewitness accounts of what to expect.

  4. In exchange for the heavily discounted vacations, you will be expected to attend a sales presentation. Although the general idea is that you will want to buy, there is no obligation or hard sell. The cheap package deals stands even if you do not purchase.

  5. You will not be treated any differently after the sales presentation if you do not buy and will not be hassled or questioned about your reasons afterwards when you are trying to relax by the pool!

For more information about Discount Vacation Hotels, go to the website or speak to an agent: www.discountvacationhotels.com

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Author: Kristen Holmes