Cooling Off Period at Villa del Palmar

The cooling off period is the grace time that you are given by Villa del Palmar timeshare for canceling your timeshare without any penalties. All timeshare contracts are entitled to a cooling off period and the length of that time will depend on the laws of the country where your timeshare was purchased. The cooling off period can be anywhere between 5 and 10 working days.

To be sure about the length of the cooling off period for Villa del Palmar timeshare contracts you should contact the sales office where you purchased your timeshare. You may also find the length of the Villa del Palmar cooling off time written into your contact.

In order to cancel your timeshare at Villa del Palmar during the cooling off period, you should check the stipulations on your contract. Some companies require written confirmation of your cancellation. In all cases, a verbal agreement is not advisable as you will not be able to prove authorization was given to cancel your timeshare and will then be liable for any legal fees required to cancel your binding contract.

Most timeshare reviews about Villa del Palmar speak favorably about timeshare member’s services at Villa del Palmar, so if in doubt, give them a call.


Author: Kristen Holmes