Arrivals and Departures at Cancun Airport

Arrivals and Departures at Cancun Airport

Being forewarned about the experience you might have at a certain airport can go a long way to making your navigation of airports in foreign countries all the more comfortable. Here are some tips about Cancun Airport.


When you arrive at Cancun airport, it is pretty straightforward. Planes land on the tarmac and you will have to cross in the open air to you the terminal building. The top tip here is to make sure that if you are arriving from a cold climate wearing your winter clothes, make sure you wear layers, so that you can prepare yourself for crossing the tarmac in the heat. No matter if it is day or night, the heat in Cancun will be a shock if you are coming from cold temperatures.

The baggage claim area at Cancun International Airport is easy to navigate, after passing immigration and timeshare promoters who might offer you cheap or free taxi fares, discounted tours and so on in return for your time at a presentation. Timeshare promoters inside Cancun airport are regulated so you are pretty safe if you do decide to attend a timeshares presentation. In the baggage claim area, you can also arrange car rentals and taxis.
If you have pre-arranged your transportation from Cancun Airport to your hotel, look out for your name on a sign when you leave.

Arrivals and Departures at Cancun Airport

Leaving Cancun International Airport

Make sure you give yourself lots of time. Cancun Airport is very small, and you might be under the impression that checking in will be quick. It’s size is misleading, and you might find that the line up for your airline is very long. This is particularly true of Aeromexico, where you will need to arrive at least 2 hours in advance, even if you are taking a national flight.

Always print your boarding pass before you arrive or leave enough time to print them from a machine in the airport terminal. You will not be allowed to make a line without your boarding pass, so it is better to print it before you arrive, particularly if you are a large party.

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Author: Kristen Holmes