All Inclusive Fees for Timeshare

A question that arises now and again about timeshare is the issue of all inclusive fees if your timeshare is located within an all inclusive resort. The short answer is that in the majority of cases, as a timeshare owner you would not have to pay all inclusive fees, unless you wanted to enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive package.

Most timeshare units are equipped with kitchens and dining areas with the intention that you might wish to enjoy a self catering vacation, which means you save money on eating out if you have a large family. In those cases, there would be no need for timeshare owners to pay an all inclusive tariff.

What is a common option for timeshare owners is the choice of buying an all inclusive pass which might have a minimum time limit, such as two or three consecutive days. This is a great option and actually a benefit rather than an obligation. Owners may wish to enjoy free reign of all the restaurants to gain the best of both worlds in their timeshare residence.


Author: Kristen Holmes