The 10 Best Timeshare Companies

There are so many timeshare companies and vacation clubs to choose from worldwide that making a genuine list of the 10 best timeshare companies would be pretty hard and possibly misleading.

Firstly, the criteria for what makes the best timeshare company is highly subjective and secondly, the list would probably be dominated by 10 huge international corporations. That would mean that smaller, localized timeshare operators, like The Villa Group in Mexico for example would be overlooked on a top 10 list of best timeshare companies when their services and quality of accommodations may even be superior to the big players. Sometimes, a timeshare company like The Villa Group who is dedicated to a smaller area actually offer some of the best deals and destinations.

Similarly, the choice of Vacation Club is equally as varied, although a top 10 list of the best companies would be easier to make. Having said that, there are some key players like RCI and Interval International that pretty much win hands down in terms of value for money and worldwide scope.


Author: Kristen Holmes