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Timeshare Solutions

Timeshares are amazing solutions for couples and families of all ages, persuasions, and budgets to enjoy amazing vacations at low prices. When you become a member you will get access to resorts in some of the world’s best vacation locations, and while a timeshare may not suit everyone they do offer great value solutions for millions of people worldwide. Here are just some of the timeshare solutions you can enjoy:

Points Memberships are the most up-to-date timeshare solutions

Points Based Vacation clubs are the best timeshare solutions in use at the moment (or, at least, I think so). When the industry first began they were more likely to work on a fixed week basis before moving on to a floating week basis which allowed some freedom and flexibility within a set season.

These days, however, it is most common to find timeshare memberships using a points-based system which is more flexible than any of the previous models. Points based systems allow the member to choose where, when, and how they spend their vacation without restriction.

One of the biggest benefits of this is that you can, potentially, take more than one vacation each year; you could take two shorter vacations in separate locations if you have enough points to cover it. Some clubs will even allow you to use your points for things like all-inclusive meal plans and special treats.

Fixed Weeks

Fixed week timeshares are the oldest, or you might say most traditional, timeshare solution on offer (in fact, some places don’t even offer this anymore). The idea is that you buy a number of weeks in a particular unit and resort and this space is, essentially, yours at this time each year going forward. 30 years ago this model worked perfectly for the average family which tended to have the same two week vacation period each year, but times changed and the industry adapted.

Floating Weeks

Floating weeks were the natural next step after fixed week timeshare solutions; a midway point between the freedom of a points based system and the structure of fixed weeks. They allowed some movement about a season, but maintain the idea of a set unit type and location.

International Exchange Companies offer alternative timeshare solutions

As the popularity of the timeshare industry grew more and more people began to look at ways of getting more out of their memberships. Companies such as International Exchange and Interval International stepped up to provide the solution; through such companies you can exchange your own timeshare membership (temporarily) for time in another country across the world.

Cancellation Services are not valid timeshare solutions

Cancellation attorney pose as providers of legitimate timeshare solutions; they will tell you all about fraudulent companies who, in the beginning, took advantage of the consumer to their own ends. Of course, what they won’t tell you that these days the industry is much more tightly regulated, and that if you can prove a company was fraudulent then your contract can be rescinded. They will try to tell you that you need their services to cancel your contract, but the truth is that if you’re within the recession period you don’t need them and if you’re using their services after the cooling-off period has transpired, they can’t help you at all!

Author: Kristen Holmes

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