Why Mexico is a Top Choice for Vacation

Why Mexico is a Top Choice for Vacation

Despite the uncertainty and anxiety that the COVID-19 crisis has created across the world, people still want to have a chance to live their lives and enjoy much needed vacation. However, safety is key. When deciding where to travel as businesses are beginning to reopen, Mexico is a top choice for vacationers. Especially for travelers coming from the United States and Canada, Mexico continues to be a first choice for vacationers. It’s an inexpensive option that is easy to get to if you are traveling within North America. Keep reading below to learn why Mexico will continue to be a top tourist destination in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic ebbs and flows.

Why Mexico is a Top Choice for Vacation

To begin with, Mexico is often the first place Americans and Canadians visit when they take their first trip abroad. Firstly, it is geographically easy to get to. Plus, there are incredible deals on airfare and at many resorts so that an affordable vacation to this stunning country is possible. As more people start traveling again, Mexico is expected to remain as a top international vacation choice. It has beautiful beaches, incredible colonial cities, excellent climate, and tons of natural beauty. Plus, it has a rich heritage and culture that is uniquely its own. Likewise, the country’s gastronomy is simply out of this world. With a focus on fresh and natural ingredients, traditional plates in the country are mouthwatering and full of flavor. You will never have a shortage of delicious food and drink to enjoy in Mexico.

  • Tourist Experience is a Top Priority

Mexico is well known for its warm and welcoming hospitality. The local people greet and treat visitors with the utmost care and are ready to welcome visitors with open arms and a smile on their face. Likewise, from the locals to resort procedures, a focus on making sure every guest has the experience of their life has always been a top priority. Visitors love traveling to Mexico where the friendly people make their vacation so special. When you visit a resort like the Villa Group Resorts, you will see that staff members are always ready to attend guests and make sure every need is met. Plus, they really go above and beyond to make sure that every visitor has the time of their lives. Everyone loves to feel pampered and treated, which is why Mexico continues to be a top choice for travelers.

  • Health and Safety Updates 

As the COVID-19 crisis has been sweeping through the world, Mexico temporarily closed down many resorts, beaches and other tourist landmarks. These measures were put in place in order to help flatten the curve and help reduce the transmission of virus and illness. As new numbers of cases have plateaued, the decision was made to slowly reopen the economy that was put on pause. In order to safely accommodate guests, businesses in the country have implemented various health and safety practices. Updated cleanliness practices include frequent sanitation of high touch surfaces, social distancing requirements, and the use of face masks in public. Resorts such as the Villa Group Resorts have also made numerous changes to limit the contact between guests and staff members. These changes are designed to further help keep everyone safe and healthy. Likewise, many resorts have adapted flexible cancellation policies to help allow travelers to schedule a vacation, without the added stress of cancellation fees and charges if travel plans need to change. Mexico is anxious to welcome guests back with open arms, all while prioritizing the health and safety of everyone. 

Are you ready to treat yourself to some much needed rest and relaxation? If so, Mexico continues to be a top choice for vacation. Contact the Villa Group Resorts today to check out their current specials on all-inclusive travel packages. When you select a reputable provider who is taking the health and safety of their guests seriously like Villa Group Resorts, you can safely travel and enjoy a getaway to paradise. Isn’t it about time to reconnect with your loved ones as you sip a tropical cocktail on a beach in Mexico? 

Author: Kristen Holmes

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