The Villa Group Timeshare and Eagle’s Wings Foundation

If you search for philanthropic ventures in timeshare on Google today, you will find a number of vacation companies who support charitable projects. Back in the late 1990s however, very few were doing what the Villa Group and Eagle’s Wings Foundation were doing to give back to the communities where the Villa Group timeshare division was opening its resorts. When it opened In 1999, the Eagle’s Wings Foundation was one of the first of its kind in the timeshare industry. Nowadays, supported by the Villa Group Timeshare, Universal Vacation Club International and ResortCom.Com travel companies, the Eagle’s Wings Foundation is able to grant local charities with funding as well as facilitate donations, large and small, from Villa Group timeshare owners.

Villa Group Timeshare and Eagle’s Wings Foundation work together to help make a difference in the communities where Villa del Palmar resorts are present. More accurately said, Eagle’s Wings Foundation orchestrates fund raising projects, scholarship programs and grants with the help of Villa Group Timeshare and Universal Vacation Club International. The Villa Group Timeshare supports Eagle’s Wings Foundation in various ways, one of which is by offering legal and executive advice about how to better run the foundation as well as in kind donations and financial funding.

One of the key projects that the Villa Group and Eagle’s Wings Foundation work closely on, are the bazaars. Any items that are being renovated and replaced in the Villa del Palmar resorts are donated to the Eagle’s Wings Foundation bazaars where they are sold for very low prices. For example, you can buy pillows, mattresses, television sets and more that are in good, working condition for very cheap. The money raised goes towards the Eagle’s Wings Foundation’s projects while the local community gain access to cheap quality products.

Finally, the Villa Group and Eagle’s Wings Foundation also receive support from Universal Vacation Club, both from timeshare members who directly donate time, money or in kind gifts as well as administrative support for the foundation. Together these institutes unite to help the local community, following the dream of Eagle’s Wings Founder and member of UVCI’s board of directors, the late Jim McCarthy who’s idea it first was for timeshare owners to give back to Mexico’s marginalized communities.

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Author: Kristen Holmes