Is The Villa Group a Scam

There is great news if you are concerned about the legitimacy of the Villa Group and its timeshare and vacation ownership products. The Villa Group is not a scam. There is no risk of you being involved in a Villa Group scam if you deal directly with the company or one of its registered brands or associates such as Villa del Palmar, Villa La Estancia, Villa del Arco, UVC, Club Caribe and so forth.

Is the Villa Group a Scam

Far from being a scam, the Villa Group is a reputable leisure and resort developer with businesses primarily in Mexico. The Villa Group operate more than 8 properties in Mexico that are available for timeshare, full and fractional ownership as well as hotel reservations. These resorts are located in various destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit), Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto.

It is easy to see that the Villa Group is not a scam when you consider the length of time this company has been providing timeshare and hotel services in Mexico. The Villa Group boasts around 3 decades selling timeshare and developing hotels – the danger of a Villa Group scam is pretty non-existent.

Cases of Villa Group Scams

There are no direct cases of Villa Group scams, although you should beware of resale scams that target Villa del Palmar timeshare owners as well as fraudulent timeshare services that offer to cancel or sell your timeshare for large fees. Another tip, is to make sure that you read your contract carefully. From my experience investigating the claims of Villa Group scams, most people who claim to be involved in a Villa Group scam on timeshare forums are generally those people who did not read their contract before signing or did not cancel during the cooling off period.

No Danger of a Villa Group scam

Therefore, if you are about to purchase a Villa Group timeshare, rest assured that you are safe from a scam.

Author: Kristen Holmes