Villa Group Members – Beware Unsolicited Attorney Phone Calls!

Just as the timeshare industry begins to finally clean up its act, leaving reputable bona fide developers like The Villa Group to sell legitimate units that are truly worth their sale tag, now the fraudsters have moved on to new measures to scam the unsuspecting public. This time, it is loyal Villa Group and Villa del Palmar members who are the target of the scam.

The scam that seems to have generated momentum involves a timeshare attorney firm, or a group of people impersonating a legal firm, who have been contacting timeshare owners, in this case targeting Villa del Palmar members. The callers present themselves as an attorney firm who are representing members in a class action suite against the Villa Group. In doing so, they solicit personal details and private information over the phone. It is unsure what the exact purpose of this scam is, nevertheless, anyone who owns a timeshare should beware unsolicited phone calls that ask you to divulge personal information.

The Villa Group in particular have urged their members to take particular caution when receiving unsolicited telephone calls from anyone who says they are calling from a legal firm specializing in timeshare fraud, resale, cancellation or class action suits. If you haven’t asked for any such information, they are very likely to be a fraud. You are especially vulnerable to these kinds of scams if you give out information on timeshare forums, which are sometimes operated for the purpose of fraudulent activities.


Author: Kristen Holmes

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  1. Timeshare scams have been around since the beginning of the timeshare industry, but these frauds weren’t well known until recent years. What happen is that before there were not as many timeshare laws and regulations as there are now (as you can see on the article get out of a timeshare legally so many of the owners just resigned to the fact that they had to keep the timeshare they bought without thinking.

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