Are you a Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scam Victim?

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scam

Have you been scammed by a fake company or fraudulent individual? Perhaps you’re second-guessing something that’s happened, or your friends are telling you that something’s not right with your timeshare purchase. Well, if this is the case you’ll be pleased to know that this site is dedicated to dispelling myths about timeshare providers and the scams which surround the industry in general. Today’s post, in particular, is about Villa del Palmar timeshare scam?. Read on to find out more about this company.

Villa del Palmar timeshare scam?

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer. No, Villa del Palmar timeshare is not a scam. Villa del Palmar is a legitimate timeshare brand offered by the longstanding Villa Group, who are majority owned by Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Together these companies have over 30 years of experience in this business.

Timeshare scams to watch out for

The kinds of scams that you might find yourself targeted by when you buy a Villa del Palmar timeshare are those which focus on those are already members. In practice, the risk of a timeshare scam increases greatly when you begin to look into the resale market or into cancellation services.

Timeshare Solutions

Many people who own timeshare memberships will encounter various kinds of fraudulent companies who offer timeshare “services”. Some of them may try to convince you that you got a bad deal so that they can sell you cancellation services. The truth is that they cannot help you unless you are still within the rescission period, and if you are then you don’t need their help to cancel your membership.

Timeshare services

One other area of the timeshare industry which is particularly vulnerable to scammers is the resale market (this is one area where even a Villa del Palmar membership may not be 100% safe). Be very careful of the resale market; you may find that you’re buying a fake membership, or that you’re getting a real membership which is so laden with debt that you have to fork out huge sums of money before you can ever use your new timeshare.

The short answer to the question posed by this article is that you are not likely to become a Villa del Palmar timeshare scam victim unless you buy a resale, seek to cancel your timeshare (which cannot actually be done lawfully) or get involved with a fraudulent rental agent.

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