Vacation Ownership with the Villa Group

Fractional vacation ownership and timeshare are affordable luxuries for most households in the USA, Canada and Europe, and can open up a lifetime of hassle free leisure experiences in destinations throughout the world. The Villa Group specialize in timeshare membership with vacation club status, having developed a range of luxury resorts in key beach destinations in Mexico, offering affordable vacation ownership that enables, families, couples and groups of friends to own part of paradise without breaking the bank.

The Villa Group have been developing resorts and timeshare properties since the late 80s and boast a staggering reputation for quality, elegance and value for money. The group has resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Cancun, which all conform to the name, Villa del Palmar or its derivatives such as Villa del Arco, Villa del Mar and Villa la Estancia. All of the resorts have a spa on site and offer both all inclusive and European plan, even for timeshare residents who can choose to select a minimum of three consecutive days for an all inclusive pass.

Vacation ownership with The Villa Group has also become much more simple and straightforward over the last few years with the introduction of its members’ program, Villa Preferred Access. Essentially this scheme transfers the value of individual timeshare units into points so that you can stay in any of the Villa del Palmar resorts according to your points score. New Villa Group vacation owners will essentially buy points for their home resort and be able to use them towards staying in the other resorts when they choose. Those timeshare owners who bought fixed week timeshares at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts will also be invited to transfer their unit to a points score to enable them to take advantage of the exchange opportunities.

Another benefit of vacation ownership with The Villa Group is that your membership is amongst those accepted by Interval International, which is a vacation club that manages timeshare vacation properties worldwide as well as cruise vacations. In this way, you have the option of joining Interval International as a means of extending your choices even further. Interval International also offer other advantages such as discounted car hire, local offers and travel agency services.

Becoming a Villa Group resident will surely make you feel that you are part of something grand, that you belong to a family of resorts which are tailored for the best vacation experiences possible. If the thought of returning to the same resort appeals to you, then you will enjoy the advantages of becoming so familiar with the destination and the resort staff that arriving to your vacation property really is like coming home. Likewise, you may be attracted to the flexibility that the Villa Preferred Access offers and therefore like the idea of visiting a different resort each year. The great thing about the Villa Group resorts is that, despite varying levels of luxury, they all follow a similar layout and concept, which gives you the impression that you are arriving to a familiar place no matter where you visit.


Author: Kristen Holmes