Timeshare Exchanges with Interval

Timeshare Exchanges with Interval

An ever growing market is the travel and vacation industry, which is great, because this gives people more options to plan their vacation without hassles and it also gives people more affordable options. You can organize and plan your vacations affordably when you become a member with Interval International, which is one of the top vacation clubs worldwide for timeshare exchanges.

Interval International for timeshare exchanges

Interval International is a top vacation club worldwide with nearly two million members currently. Interval International is actually the second largest vacation club worldwide and soon to be the largest. There are plenty of services that Interval International provides for their members, and a few of these services include trading points for a private residence, direct exchanges for timeshares, and rentals for non-owner timeshares.

Interval International are experienced in the business as they have been coordinating timeshare exchanges for almost four decades. This exchange company works closely with over 2,800 resorts that are located in 75 countries. The company only work with other timeshare providers that are reputable and when they select a resort they make sure they are a top resort that provides high standards and quality services. All of Interval International’s members will have the best vacation experience guaranteed.

Timeshare exchanges and Services with Interval International

Interval International is a wonderful option for timeshare members. If you currently are a timeshare owner, then you can swap your timeshare week for another one at another location through Interval International. You can also exchange your timeshare weeks for points that you can use later.

Buying Interval International Points

Interval International also allow its members to join the club directly, purchasing membership points that you can use towards accommodations, cruises and other hospitality services. Members can also carry over their points to use the following year, so they can have a longer or luxurious vacation by saving up their points.

Temporary memberships with Interval International

If you currently are not a timeshare owner or you have not yet purchased any points, then you can rent a property that is shared with another member. Interval offer a short term membership, which is just a step below being a full time member. Once you try out the services and products, then you will understand how this vacation club membership operates.

Membership with benefits

Interval International also gives members added discounts on car rentals, flights, and other great services and deals.

Author: Kristen Holmes