Timeshare Cancellation During Cooling Off Period

The cooling off period is the only time when you can easily cancel a timeshare contract. After this time, you have to prove that the contract was unlawful and that would include using the courts and getting a lawyer. Thankfully the cooling off period for timeshare cancellation, is a legal requirement in all countries to protect consumers and give you time to make sure that your decision was not just in the heat of the moment.

How long do I have to timeshare cancellation?

It depends on the country where the timeshare has been sold, but generally the cooling off period is between 7 and 14 days. As these days are calendar days, you need to think about canceling pretty quickly if you are on a two week vacation.

If you choose your timeshare cancellation during the cooling off period, you will need to send notification in writing and often have to use the pro forma that should be provided with the contract. You need to make sure that notification is sent before the end of the cooling off period. After that time it becomes more costly to retract on your contract.


Author: Kristen Holmes