Puerto Vallarta Top Things to Do

Visiting Puerto Vallarta on vacation is one of life’s pleasures that cannot be compared with any other destination in Mexico (or anywhere else in the world for that matter). If you are wondering what amazing activities await you in paradise, then this article on Puerto Vallarta top things to do will help guide you to the best experiences on Banderas Bay.

Puerto Vallarta Top Things to Do

"La Nostalgia" Sculpture at Puerto Vallarta's Malecon

One of the first things to do in Puerto Vallarta is walk! There are no longer many beach vacation destinations left in the world where your feet can take you to many of the main attractions and Puerto Vallarta is one of them.

Among Puerto Vallarta top things to do is to walk the Malecon, starting from the north end (by McDonalds and the Bodeguita del Medio Cuban bar). As you make your walk along the Malecon boardwalk, to your left you will see lots of souvenir shops, tour agents, tequila tasting shops, and bars which come alive at night. To your right, the ocean beckons with its endlessly lapping waves and infinite horizon. In fact the Malecon is highly recommended as a one of the Puerto Vallarta top things to do for sunset.

As you arrive at the town plaza, you should make a short detour to see the main church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, where pilgrims for the Virgin of Guadalupe make their way each year from December 1 till December 12. Returning to the Malecon you may catch sight of a performance at the Arches. Each night there is a range of different performances planned for the family, usually clowns for kids.

A little further on you will come to an assortment of food stalls and vendors selling jewellery and other wares until you cross the bridge and see the new pier in sight, standing proud like a contemporary monument to Puerto Vallarta’s progress. The pier is a great place to embark on more Puerto Vallarta top things to do, as it is from here that you can take a water taxi to beaches along the coast and organize other seafaring tours.

In fact, one of the most popular top things to do in Puerto Vallarta includes taking boat excursions of some kind. This maybe a whale watching trip from November thru March when the humpback whales visit Puerto Vallarta, a fishing charter, a yacht cruise, a diving trip or something as simple as taking a water taxi to one of the beaches on the southern coast. Spending some time on the ocean should definitely feature on any list of Puerto Vallarta top things to do.

puerto vallarta dancers

Nightlife should also take pride of place on any Puerto Vallarta top things to do bucket list. There are many ways to spend your evening, from lively nightclubs, live music venues as well as quaint restaurants. For a night out to remember, you may start on the Malecon, but there are also other smaller venues in the Old Town as well as more classy nightclubs away from the Downtown area on the main road near Plaza Peninsula. You will also find some nice bars and restaurant lounges in the Marina.


Author: Kristen Holmes