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The Villa Group Resorts is a prestigious resort provider with nearly four decades of experience and dedication in the tourism industry. Likewise, they have award winning resorts in popular vacation destinations throughout Mexico. Savvy travelers tend to choose the Villa Group Resorts for their vacations, because they want to guarantee amazing vacations. In addition to operating as a resort, they also provide a quality vacation club membership that is a wise investment. The vacation club membership was created so people can always have first class vacations, while still saving money, too. Club Members prepay for their future vacations and lock in today’s current low rates. They also have a Beachfront Rewards program, so members will be motivated to refer their family members and friends. Continue to read below to learn about the many perks of Villa Group vacation club membership.

  • Vacation Club Membership

Are you already a member of the Villa Group Resorts vacation club membership? If you are, then you probably know all some of the best perks. Villa Group Resorts have ten stunning resorts in some of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Mexico. Some of the top locations include the Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and in the Islands of Loreto. Villa Group timeshare reviews state that members are thrilled with the great amenities, accommodations, and top services. The resorts have numerous great restaurants onsite, a spa, several swimming pools, a fitness center, and more. Every time a timeshare owner and their guests return to the resort, professional staff members warmly welcome them. Staff members really go that extra mile to make sure that vacation club members have all their needs met to ensure their every vacation is always great!

  • Villa Group Resorts Beachfront Rewards

Vacation club members are thrilled with the Beachfront Rewards referral program. Members will earn credits every time that they refer a family member or friend to become a vacation club member at the Villa Group Resorts. Firstly, vacation club members will need to register all of their referrals. Members can do that very easily by going on the Beachfront Rewards website, or members can also submit referrals by email, or on social media. Vacation club members need to put in the referral’s contact information as well. In addition, vacation club members should keep track of their referrals, so they can see all the credits that they have earned from each referral. To do this you just click on the “Follow My Referral Tab” to review the credit rewards status. Vacation club members will earn their credits if their referrals attend a sales presentation at the resort or join the club.

  • Redeeming Beachfront Reward Credits

When a member wants to redeem their Beachfront Reward Credits, they will be pleased to learn that awards credits can be redeemed on a variety of services and upgrades. For instance, you can use the Beachfront Reward Credits for maintenance fees, spa treatments, dining, and to upgrade your accommodations. To redeem your Beachfront Reward Credits just go to the website and click the “Redeem Credits” tab, then hit apply. Members can review all their credits under the “Credit History” tab that is located on the website. They also have FAQs in case you need any assistance.

As you have just read, there are so many perks with a Villa Group vacation club membership. Remember, the Villa Group Resorts is a top vacation club in Mexico. The Beachfront Rewards program was created to get more vacation club members to join while also rewarding existing members, too. If you are ready to start having great Mexico vacations, then contact the Villa Group Resorts today. Resorts have implemented COVID safety measures and sanitation practices to keep visitors and resort guests safe. Currently, all-inclusive travel packages are on sale right now. During your stay, ask to attend a sales presentation so you can learn more about the perks of timeshare ownership. If you join, you’ll save money over time and enjoy the comforts of returning to resorts that feel like a second vacation home in paradise. Contact them today to book your vacation to Mexico!

Author: Kristen Holmes