Myths About Timeshare

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The thought of owning a timeshare has crossed your mind again. Your friends have owned them for years, your neighbors rave about them, you have even been to the presentations, but for some reason the pessimist in you always takes over.

So, lets have a look at some of the myths that may have kept you from your dream vacation property.

Myth 1: Value for Money

Many scaremongers would have you believe that timeshares are not a smart investment. However, what they don’t consider is that by owning a timeshare, you are finally able to afford a property that would not otherwise be within your budget. The question here is value for money. Why settle for something far less luxurious when you can vacation like a king at a fraction of the price. Besides, over time, your initial investment pays for itself.

Myth 2: Flexibility

A common myth is that once you have bought a timeshare you are limited to vacation in the same resort during the same set weeks during the year. Firstly, for many people, that is the attraction of timeshare: you become part of the local scene, you arrive to a space you can call you own, you know you are guaranteed a good time. but what about when you want to go somewhere else? While it is true that when timeshare first started, there was very little flexibility, modern timeshare has evolved a great deal to meet the growing needs of contemporary vacationers. Now it is possible to easily exchange dates and even locations.

Myth 3: Risk

One of the most frequent questions people ask about timeshare is whether there is any risk involved. Like anything in life, nothing is foolproof but with a reputable timeshare company, the risk is minimal. Most prestigious timeshare companies have done a lot of research about the location of their properties, operating only in the most sought after destinations. You choose your dream vacation destination and let the timeshare companies deliver.

Myth 4: Hidden Fees

When you purchase a timeshare, there is certainly nothing hidden about the maintenance fees, as these are essential to your long term investment in the property. The upkeep of your unit is an integral part of your continued enjoyment of the property. In fact, that is one of the advantages of owning a timeshare, you are not solely responsible for maintaining your property by yourself, rather you share the cost between all the owners without having to lift a finger.

Myth 5: Timeshares are for retired couples

While many retired people are the perfect candidates for timeshare, they are by no means the only demographic group for whom timeshare would be of benefit. Quite the opposite, timeshare is an attractive investment for all age groups. Young couples may see timeshare as a great investment, families benefit from the ease of vacationing in their home away from home, while singles may wish to establish a comforting network because they return regularly to the same resort.


Author: Kristen Holmes

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  1. Wrong Ashley.
    How can a company target market to a group with limited internet access or to information in general? What?!
    The timeshare industry is growing.
    84% of all timeshare owners are satisfied with their purchase.
    Majority of owners hold at least a bachelors degree and have a combined household of income if at least 80k.

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