Golf Course Set for the Islands of Loréto

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The new Danzante Bay Golf Course that is under construction on the grounds of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto is shaping up to be one of the islands’ main attractions. First of all, it is being designed by the immeasurably talented Rees Jones who, with 170 golf courses to his name, certainly knows how to make a wonderful and challenging course for both professionals and leisure golfers.

The stunning 18-hole course which will be built on the Island of Loreto is being designed with the environment in mind; Rees will be using Paspalum, a material perfect for the Baja California climate, and working with the lay of the land. He aims to showcase Loreto’s natural beauty. Streams, dunes, foothills and views of Loreto will all be put to the best use. The course is even overlooked by the magnificent Giganta mountains. This 7,400 yard course will have a huge, glittering lake at its heart, joining the 10th and 11th holes, sandy bunkers and greens that will remain manageable in the wind.

By December 2014, Villa del Palmar at the the Islands of Loréto wants the first 5 holes to be accessible to members and sincerely hopes that it will be a delight for golfers of all ages and calibers. Of course, with Rees Jones leading the design team, it’s pretty certain that it will exceed all expectations!

Danzante Bay Golg Course in Loreto Islands

The best thing about staying at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto once the Danzante Bay Golf Course is open won’t just be the views or the golf; the best part will be the liberty and freedom you have to create your perfect day, stress free and excitement filled. Why not Kayak, then go for a walk and have a delicious brunch before golfing in the evening? Or golf all day and then unwind with a soothing massage at the luxurious Sabila Spa? However you organize your day, you’ll be impressed with the new course and all the facilities that the Villa del Palmar resort and the islands of Loreto have to offer you when you’re on vacation.

Vacations may be fleeting but the memories will last forever!

Author: Kristen Holmes