False Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

False Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

How do you know which timeshare brands are worth buying? You will read so many stories and complaints that it can be hard to know which timeshare brands are genuine and which ones are a bad deal. In my job I come across many websites that target timeshare companies, trying to discredit them. Most of these websites are linked to timeshare cancellation companies, which tend to be scams. Today, I want to focus on the false Villa del Palmar timeshare complaints that can be found on the internet.

False Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints:

False Villa del Palmar timeshare Complaints Truth about Villa del Palmar timeshare
Villa del Palmar
timeshare is a scam
Villa del Palmar timeshare does not scam innocent clients. It does not have a bad reputation, and is 100% genuine. Villa del Palmar timeshare has more than 30 years in the vacation industry, which has provided timeshare memberships to thousands of happy travelers.
Villa del Palmar timeshare
presentations take up your whole day
The presentations for Villa del Palmar timeshare are no longer than any other timeshare presentation and usually require less than half a day (3-4 hours). Many of the couples stick around longer, so they can see the property better and get to know it as well.
Villa del Palmar
timeshare sellers have a reputation for lies.
Villa del Palmar timeshare sellers do not have a bad reputation. In fact, Villa del Palmar timeshare sales agents attend many staff training programs, and they are
prohibited from lying just to score a sale. If any sales agent is found to be lying to clients, then they will be reprimanded.
Villa del Palmar timeshare sellers are renowned for being pushy and aggressive. There are no rude or forceful sales tactics used to get a purchase by the sales agents with Villa del Palmar timeshare. The training manuals for Villa del Palmar timeshare
clearly state that agents should allow the property to sell itself.
Villa del Palmar
timeshare agents sell the idea that timeshare is a financial investment.
There are so many benefits to purchasing a Villa del Palmar timeshare that there is no need to sell the idea of it being a financial investment.
There is no
cooling-off period with Villa del Palmar timeshare.
By law Villa del Palmar timeshare offers its clients a cooling off period. The cooling-off
period is also fully explained in the contract that the potential owner signs.
It is impossible to
make exchanges for other resorts with Villa del Palmar Timeshare.
Any Villa del Palmar timeshare member can exchange their timeshare points to go to other destinations in Mexico under their membership. To date, this includes locations
in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos and Loreto.
Maintenance fees are
a scam
Thousands and thousands of members use their Villa del Palmar Timeshare each and every year. The maintenance fees are no higher than other fees and they are within the
industry standards.

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Author: Kristen Holmes

3 thoughts on “False Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

  1. Glad I found this article. We are going to a Villa del Palmar timeshare presentation at Villa del Palmar Cancun tomorrow morning. We were not sure what to expect, and were thinking of cancelling the tour.

  2. Good luck with the presentation. I have 10 years with a Villa del Palmar timeshare. I am very happy!

    1. Wow! We went to the presentation. Was very very impressed. You hear so many nightmare stories but our sales agent was super nice. He was from California. We didn’t feel pushed or pressured at all.

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