Enjoy Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta

The summer months are highly anticipated by those people who want to see one of nature’s most beautiful events on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. From July through December turtles can be seen dashing on Puerto Vallarta sands, making their way through to the exact places where they were born. This is an act that will continue their cycle of life and it’s a great spectacle to witness. People fight for the conservation of these sea mammals by setting up protection programs that will look after their safety and well being.

Protecting Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

For the past thirty years, the authorities and the people of Puerto Vallarta have worked hand in hand together with the different commercial establishments in the area to ensure the continuous life of the Olive Ridley sea turtle and its likes. Many unfortunate incidents are presently ongoing that affects negatively their existence. Pollution of the ocean, natural predation and the coastal’s development for progress have put the lives of the sea turtles in danger. Having conservation and preservation programs has given a lot of encouragement and hope that these creatures can still be with us in the next generation.

These sea turtles can be seen in large numbers gracing the shores of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches even in the dead of the night. They dig their nests for hours and it’s an eye opener for anyone who will witness it as they give out all effort for the propagation of their lives. After laying their eggs, they’ll go back to the ocean and will stay there for years until the time they are going to lay their eggs again. The eggs are left to their fate and when they are hatched depend on themselves alone, with studies that show only one out of a thousand make it as a full grown turtle.

Turtle Releases in Puerto Vallarta

From July to December, people can participate in the releasing activities of baby turtles being done by conservation program workers. It can be a fulfilling moment when one gives actual cooperation in making these baby turtles reach for the first time the place they call home: the ocean’s waters. It would be a touching event for children, when they get a hold and bid them goodbye; fervently wishing that they survived the harsh realities of life.

Author: Kristen Holmes