Enjoy Cabo San Lucas, Visit the Marina

Enjoy Cabo San Lucas, Visit the Marina

A trip to Cabo San Lucas would not be complete without visiting its popular Marina. Cabo San Lucas Marina is a luxury dock that counts as the most ideal place to visit if one’s looking for luxury, fun and relaxation. With its many establishments, it’s the center of activities and tours in Cabo San Lucas. One can access its many restaurants, cafes and shops and turn an otherwise great day into a fantastic one. Watching the different boats and yachts can ease the mind, while seeing people move to and fro fascinates the eyes. Here’s a rundown of what this lively Marina area in Cabo San Lucas can offer.

A Variety of Things to See and Do

What used to be a quaint fishing port is today’s heart and soul of Cabo San Lucas. One can still see fishing boats docked and making their way towards the sea, only these days they are carrying a pack of tourists. There are a lot of adventure trips to take from Cabo’s Marina, which promise to be fun filled for families and groups. Provide the kids with unforgettable memories swimming with the dolphins, choosing from one of the reputable companies that operate in the Mariana, or engage in activities like parasailing, helmet diving and “snuba,” which is a cross between scuba diving and snorkeling. Cabo Expeditions and Cabo Adventure are the main companies in Cabo San Lucas for these types of activities. For those wishing to explore the natural beauty of El Arco and other nearby attractive islands, charter boats and water taxis can be found in the Marina.

Shop Till Your Heart’s Content

The shopping area of Cabo’s Malecon called the Golden Zone is simply perfect for shopping aficionados. Plenty of high end shops and a couple of restaurants adorn the place. The Puerto Paraiso Mall is huge enough to accommodate a great number of shoppers, while the Avenue boutique complex sells both affordable and pricey clothes, shoes and other items. With a tall, distinctive tower, the Puerto Mall is easy to find, and it will surely fulfill your shopping needs in Cabo San Lucas.

Dining Pleasure

With its close proximity to the Sea of Cortez, the so called “Aquarium of the World”, one can enjoy the best servings of the freshest seafood at the Marina. The wonders of the sea such as lobsters, shrimps, crabs and other seafood are the superstars of gastronomy in Cabo San Lucas. A specialty in Cabo San Lucas is that many restaurants offer to cook any fish that you may have caught on your fishing trips. Imagine fishing during the day and eating your catch with all the family at night! Walking along the Marina presents other choices for dining as diverse eating places flourish within its vicinity.

Cabo San Lucas’s Party Atmosphere

Lounges, bars and nightclubs await those who are interested in a round or two of their favorite alcoholic drinks in Cabo San Lucas. Bars like the Nowhere Bar, lets you have the chance of mixing it up wildly with fast talking DJs who create a party filled night. Or join the youngsters and young at heart as they dance gleefully in a hip bar called the Barometro. A set of fine tasting food and wine awaits every reveler, including gourmet pizzas. World class dining with local wines in hand can be experienced in the Senor Sweets.

Author: Kristen Holmes