Cave Paintings Near The Islands of Loreto

Cave Paintings Near Loreto

Lovers of history and art will find that the Islands of Loreto have plenty to offer all kinds of visitors. There is a varied selection of nature activities and cultural excursions to enjoy in the temperate and sun-soaked environment provided by the islands. One such adventure near the Islands of Loreto is a visit to the prehistoric cave paintings which are located within easy reach of the mainland town.

Cave Paintings Near Loreto

These cave paintings are said to be bigger than those found in Altamira in Spain, and Lascaux in France. Not only are there more of these cave paintings than most of those found in European sites, but the Loreto sites are within easy reach of one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations.

In the caves of the Sierra La Giganta, just a few miles from the Islands of Loreto, you’ll find some fascinating cave paintings which depict figures in yellow and white. The mixes of ochre, black, white and yellow make these cave paintings exceptionally beautiful, but the real wonder is a little further North. Following the mountain path will take you to La Pingüica cave paintins near Loreto. This archaeological site will really leave you in awe; the rocks and canyons here served as canvasses for the inhabitants ten thousand years ago. These images of everyday life are fascinating; humans, reptiles and birds of prey are shown frozen in action and time.

If you’re willing to travel further still there are more cave paintings near the town of San Ignacio. These cave paintings are well worth a day trip or overnight stay; you’ll find that these are incredibly well preserved paintings composed of huge brown and black marks. You can only access these paintings with a licenced guide because of the value and age of these paintings. Once in San Ignacio you can reach the site either by foot or four wheel drive.

Though the sun, sea and sands of Mexico are wonderful, and the tourist hotspots are charming, you should definitely take time out to see these historical wonders near Loreto. They represent a piece of ancient history; beautiful and untouched.

Author: Kristen Holmes